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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Corsair - The best customer service in the world!

A few weeks back (28th of April to be exact), my dad came to me with a USB. I had never seen it before in the house, and I was more surprised to find out that it was a 32 GB one. The casing was all the more attractive. It looked like this:

Seeing the surprised look on my face, my dad explained that it was given to him as a gift by one of this students around a year back. Now, the USB was not getting sensed by the PC running on Windows XP.

I powered on my laptop and checked with Windows 7. No response. Dead as a door nail. I did a bit of Googling, but that didn't help much either. Finally I thought of checking out Corsair's website itself. I was in for a surprise. 5 years warranty!

But still, I was apprehensive. I had no idea why the USB had failed. I had never used any Corsair products before. I had no idea how their replacement policy was. But anyway, I decided to give it a shot.

I created an account at their Customer Portal, opened a ticket mentioning the model number and the issues faced. I didn't have the packaging or the receipt of purchase. In short, I had just a dead USB with me!

Anyways, I submitted the ticket and waited for the technician to approve the replacement. And hell, it was approved in a few hours. Mind you, all this happened on a Sunday.

Now came the real obstacle. I have to ship the USB to Corsair's office in Taiwan. A quick look at DHL website told me that it was gonna cost more than the price for two 32 GB Flash Voyagers. So, on Monday, I turned to Indian Postal Service. I bought a floppy package cover (with those lovely bubble wraps), put the USB in, paid Rs.40 ($0.90), and it was on its way to Taiwan.

Again, I was apprehensive. Will there be any issues with the customs department? Can I really trust India Post to deliver this at such a cheap rate? There was no option to track it, so I just had to sit and wait. This was on May 4th.

On May 17th, I received an email from Corsair that my ticket has been updated and the new USB is on it's way back to India, this time through UPS. What the!! That was awesome!! I had almost lost all hope, thinking it had been lost somewhere in the Indian Ocean on its way to Taiwan.

And today, on May 21st, it arrived at my doorstep. A brand new Flash Voyager, ready to embark on it's journey!

I have heard about the insane customer service of Zappos, the Amazon owned retailer. But I think Corsair has gone a far greater job. In this case, I had never bought the USB from Corsair. It was a gift, and it was about to end up in the thrash. They could have easily declined the replacement stating I didn't have the lot number. But they didn't do it, and thereby have won a new customer - Me.

Way to go Corsair!! You guys rock!!

You should check out Corsair's wide array of products at Amazon.

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