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Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's up with Blue Dart?

Update (6th Dec 2011) - Blue Dart called me yesterday and asked me about this problem. I gave a brief description of the issue I faced. They apologized for the delay and the confusion caused. They also asked for an email from me. They said they will be opening an incident for this.

I am writing this post since my experience with Blue Dart courier service in India in the last 30 months has not been very smooth. Also, when I connected the dots, there seemed to be some anomaly in the whole process. Read the details below:

In the month of November 2011, I ordered the book Inheritance Cycle - Part 4 for my sister through Landmark website. It was a pre-paid order and Landmark processed it and dispatched the next day itself. A tracking number was emailed to me and it was sent through Blue Dart courier service.

I called up my sister and informed her that it will be delivered soon and told her to make sure that someone will be at home. Since she was on vacation, she opted to stay at home the next day.

The next day evening, when I checked the status of the delivery, it mentioned the following:

Status: Unable to deliver/no one available at given address

I immediately called up my sister and she told me that no one from Blue Dart had come that day. I got the number of Blue Dart's local office, and texted her the tracking number and the contact number.

The next day evening, someone called from Blue Dart and delivered the book. Please note that the house land phone number was provided in the courier.

My question is - If they didn't find anyone at the house the previous day, then why didn't they call up then itself?

Fast forward to Nov 29th, 2011. I ordered Jeffrey Archer's "Only time will tell", again from Landmark. This time, I had given my office address since I wanted to read the book before my sister.

Landmark, as usual, informed me the next day itself by email that the book has been dispatched, again through Blue Dart. On Nov 30th, I checked the status on Blue Dart website and saw that the courier is in transit and expected date of delivery was Nov 30th.

I called up the office reception and informed that I will be getting a courier and they were more that happy to collect it.

At 6 PM on Nov 30th, just before leaving the office, I checked the status of the consignment. I was in for a shock:

It was undelivered !

I checked with reception and they confirmed that no courier came for me that day. I went home empty handed.

Next day morning, I called up Blue Dart's local office and inquired about the consignment. After a couple of dropped calls and all, they told me that it will be delivered today. When I asked whether they need my cell  number or office desk number, they told me that they already have it and they will deliver it today.

Well, this time, they kept their word. The courier was delivered by Dec 1st evening. Here's the update:

I see a pattern in this. As one of my good friends mentioned today, if someone in Blue Dart pulls up a report, they may be able to see a pattern of couriers not being delivered in the first attempt, but getting delivered the next day instead.

Is Blue Dart getting stricter on delivery SLAs and not scaling the operations according to demand which in turn leads to the employees giving vague and fake reasons at first and then delivering on the next day?

Let me know in the comments if any of you have faced such issues with Blue Dart.

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