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Thursday, October 13, 2011

"They said it couldn’t be done, and he did it." RIP, Dennis.

Couple of days back, we lost one of the most influential innovators of new age, Dennis Ritchie.

Right now, relaxing on his chair at the happy hunting grounds, he will be bragging about C and Unix, his innovations, which changed the way we program and conduct our day to day business. Steve Jobs would have already drawn up plans to redesign and rewrite the entire code base of heaven (or whatever it is called).

To be frank, the untimely demise of Jobs didn't hurt me like how it hurts now. When I saw the Google Plus post which broke the news of Dennis's departure from the material world, my heart sank. Job's death gave me a shock, but Dennis's death pulled me down to the lowest ebb.

Like so many others, my life started with BASIC and FORTRAN, but it was the first class on C which changed my life track. And then came Unix, which saved me from the evil clutches of Windows (which makes people lazy) and Mainframe (which makes life monotonous).

Dennis, hope you had a safe landing. Happy hunting!

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