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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Unix, AWK and me!

I am a database guy. Or to be more specific, I am a Dataware housing developer. I work in Teradata and Mainframe. I was doing my regular Fastloads and Multiloads and suddenly it happened.


Recession mean less money. Which translates to less spending. On everything. Which again means less jobs. Which can mean I might lose my job anytime.

So, I was asked to learn Unix and Oracle (PL/SQL) so that there is no need to hire someone else to do these stuff. And well, for the last one week, I have been learning awk and how to work on Unix platform. And I should say I find it pretty good! I used to do some stuff on Linux in my college days, but this is far above those things.

I could write one awk script to do an expression matching in 2 days. I wrote a shell script to call the awk and then the PL/SQL in one day. And in 5 days, I was able to fine tune it and write a proper script. I should say, I am pretty proud.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Google search shows partiality to Google

Have you ever wondered how Google search works? How Google indexes the web? Thought of how to make your website to the front page of Google?

Well, now one really knows how Google indexes and shows the results (Except for the guys at Mountain View). This has been a long debated issue which showed (and still shows) Google in a bad light. If they don't tell us now they work, then how can we make our sites to the front page of Google?

But another thing that I have noticed is that Google products and services easily make it to the front page, in fact, as the first result. I checked for some of their services like analytics, webmaster, groups and labs. And for all these keywords, Google services made it as the first result!! For sure, they are altering the system manually to do this. Check out below:

I searched for "labs". It's a very common word and I expected the first result to be from Wikipedia. Here's the screen shot.

Next one was "analytics". Again, it was Google Analytics.

My next try was "groups". Google Groups again!!

To be frank, I never thought Google Webmaster will feature as first result if I search for "webmaster". But Google bet me here too. Webmaster if the first result.

There is no difference between Microsoft pre-loading Windows with Internet Explorer and Media Player and Google putting their own products and services as the first result. Where is EU? Where is the anti-trust shit??

Google, this is fucking evil. If you don't want to become another monopolistic leviathan ful of bullshit, then change these policies. If you want people to see your products in the front page, then put them in the sponsored results. Don't shit with people. The day will come when get our revenge. 

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shanghumugham Beach

Some pics that I clicked in my cellphone at Shanghumugham Beach, Trivandrum, Kerala.

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