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Monday, January 26, 2009

When will Manmohan Singh tweet?

The last day, our PM Manmohan Singh underwent Coronary Bypass surgery at AIIMS, New Delhi. The media gave a detailed coverage, but I was thinking how much better it would have been if he was tweeting from his hospital bed. And now, he will be staying in hospital for the next four days. 

Obama tweets, Kevin Rudd (Aussie PM) tweets, then why don't our PM tweet too? Is India so backward in technology?

How nice it would have to been to see such a tweet:
"Surgery over. Feeling fine. Taking rest for four more days. Happy Republic Day. Jai Hind"


SiLaSSin said...

ha ha :) nice idea... but i dont think it is a question of technological backwardnes... rather it could be the number of people who will actually check such twitter updates in india as a pecentage of the population...

jumpup said...

Hey if Advani blogs then why not Manmohan?

After all, how different is his name[SMS] from messaging...

Sardar Manmohan Singh should also get into tweeting...


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