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Monday, November 17, 2008

"Whoa! Google Chome has crashed. Restart now?"

It restarted and worked fine. Better than latest Firefox.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The new mantra in Wall Street!

Ajit Dayal says in The Honest Truth,

The traders on Wall Street may soon follow a new mantra:
  • Break the law
  • Cheat investors
  • Take a lot of bad press
  • Pay a fine
  • Create wealth, and all is forgiven.
Isn't this 100 percent right when we look at the things that have been going on during the past one month?

Ajit, as usual, is at his best in this article. Read it at Humility, Integrity or Greed?

Worldspaces' India operations to go on as usual

On October 19, Worldspace (now known as 1worldspace) had filed for bankruptcy. I got a response to the Indian office today. They said that the Indian operations won't be affected and will continue as usual. It reads:

WorldSpace HQ and US entities have filed for protection and WorldSpace India has not. We are a separate company setup and fully owned by WS Inc.

We would like to inform that the business in India will continue as usual. We will service our existing customers and continue to do our best to meet the aspirations of our customers in India.

If you require any assistance, please call us on our call center number or feel free to write to us.

Customer Care Team
WorldSpace India Pvt. Ltd.
(Service Provider for WorldSpace International Network Inc.)
10/4, Mithra Towers, 2nd Floor, Kasturba Road, Bangalore-560 001.

We now have a single centralized call center number (1860 -425 -0000) which can be accessed from all phones.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

3.17 Trillion Rupees!

India's top 10 companies has seen an erosion of Rs 3.17 trilion in market capitalisation in October. 

In this free fall, Reliance Industries (RIL) witnessed a loss of Rs 61,539 crore while state run ONGC became poor by Rs 79,801 crores. Still, RIL retains the first position in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) with a market cap of Rs 215,727 crore. 

The current market cap of the top 10 are:
  1. RIL (Rs Rs 2,15,727 crore)
  2. ONGC (Rs 1,43,261 crore)
  3. Bharti Airtel (Rs 1,23,189 crore) 
  4. NTPC (Rs 1,15,889 crore) 
  5. Infosys (Rs 79,099 crore)
  6. SBI (Rs 70,439 crore)
  7. MMTC (Rs 66,479 crore)
  8. BHEL (Rs 62,737 crore)
  9. ITC (Rs 58,021 crore) 
  10. NMDC (Rs 57,032 crore)
Source: Indiatimes

Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Manmohini Morey"

"Manmohini More Man Bhavey"

I have gone crazy about this song from Yuvvraaj
Check out the lyrics. Awesome!!

tum tum tana tum tum tana… tana nanana (2)

lat uljhi suljha ja balam - (4)
mathe ki bindiyaaaaa… - (2)
bikhar gayi hain apne haath saja ja balma
lat uljhi suljha ja balam
lat uljheee

tum tum tana tum tum tana (2)
lat uljhee suljha balam

ga re ni sa
ga re ni sa
ga re ni sa
pa ni pa sa ni sa
pa ni pa ga re ga sa re ni sa ga ma na ni sa ga ma ma ni sa ga ma pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa ga ma pa ni
ni dha pa ma pa sa
ni ni dha pa ma ga ma pa ni ni pa ma pa ni
ma pa ma ga sa ga ni ni pa ga ma ga re sa ni ni pa ga ma ga re sa ni ni pa ga ma ga re sa ma ga re sa ma ga re sa ma ga re sa ga re sa ga re sa ga re sa

Lat uljhi suljha balaam

man mohini more man bhavey
man mohini morey man bhavey
man mohini
tum tum tana……

Listen to this song here. And if you want to download, it's here

Google Short Links...errr...GSL..

Google Solution Marketplace has released Google Short Links. As the name suggests, it helps to shorten urls by giving meaningful description instead of the url. Here is the overview from Google.

Web-based information publishing & sharing is becoming increasingly critical to your organization's day to day activity. The backbone of this activity is the ability for your users to access important information securely from anywhere. Users have gotten used to the convenience of neatly describing the location of any piece of information as a URL. Unfortunately the web is a big place and there are lots of URLs. Its likely that the information important to your business will be located at URLs that are long and cumbersome to share in a written or verbal way. 

Google Short Links is a self-service mechanism for your Google Apps users to shorten any web URL to something descriptive and memorable. This makes it easier for users to recall the locations of important documents and web sites and it makes it easier for them to share these locations with others in emails, presentations, and hallway conversations.

It is free for organizations using Google Apps. But the customer reviews at this page doesn't sound so satisfied users. As someone has asked, Why did Google take 9 years to come up with something like this?

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