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Friday, May 30, 2008

Family of scammers!!

Yesterday, Michael Arrington wrote about Naveen Jain and his scam, Intelius. He was talking about the sudden IPO decision and the scam that was bringing in revenue for Intelius.

I am not going to bore you with the details of the scam and Naveen’s previous scams. I will just take you through the repercussions.

Here are some interesting comments to Michael’s post.

Then, son came to the father's rescue. Naveen's son, Ankur Jain wrote a long reply to Micheal. And of course, Michael duly posted it in Techcrunch. Here are the "main" points:

"First I’d like to address your concern with Intelius and then the more important matter, my dad’s character. Someone who does as much technology reporting as yourself should be pretty familiar with companies such as Adaptive Marketing and how their product is integrated into services across the web. The service, similar to WebLoyalty, offers the users the ability to receive an offer that is relevant to their purchases by signing up for a free 7-day trial with a adaptive marketing [which can be canceled for no charge at any point in those 7 days]. Adaptive Marketing then provides that user with targeted offers and savings for as long as he or she remains a member. In fact, adaptive marketing provides this same offer through many other large web services. To call this a scam on Intelius, you would have to consider a series of other large companies including VistaPrint,, Transunion scams as well [they all provide similar offers after checkout]. And frankly none of these companies are scammers whatsoever. Further, Intelius has one of the strongest business models I have come across with one of the most passionate set of leaders in the online industry. More importantly, these directors have an unbelievably high level of integrity."

"But the most important thing I would like to address is my "dad’s character". Outside of the corporate world, my dad has long been a supporter of many noteworthy organizations including United Way, Children’s Hospital, the University of Washington, TIE, Child Relief and You, and many more. He has taken the initiative to actively guide and mentor many young entrepreneurs in the country, thereby helping to lead the next generation of innovators and leaders to success. Yet, even within the corporate world, he has shown a strong conscience and high integrity. It is unfortunate the false allegations such as those made in the Seattle Times continue to circulate the web. But I would have expected a write like yourself to do some more research before referring to this article."

Wow! What a man Naveen is! I think Michael owns him an apology!!

Anyway, Techcrunch readers were eager to reply.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 29, 1953

Time: 11:30 am (local time)
Date: May 29, 1953
Location: Somewhere in the Himalayas

Two people were making their way up the hills. Even though it was close to noon, their fingers were numb due to the cold. Tired and weary, but still they carried forth. And finally, they accomplished it!

It was today, 55 years back, that Tenzing and Hillary conquered Mount Everest, the tallest peak in the world. As usual, Google celebrates it.

Some thoughts: We all are trying to conquer our own personal goals. Our own personal Everest. Makes me remember of the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch - Achieving Childhood Dreams.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Esnips, Amazon and some porn!

Yesterday night, I was seraching for "Amazon Web Services" in Esnips (Of course, it's for copyrighted books!!). But the ads that I saw on the first page stunned me!!

I was inquisitive to see the next pages. Below are the second and third page of search results!!

So, what was Esnips targeting? Did the word "web service" in my search misled the system into thinking that I was looking around for "such" services from the internet?

Read what I had written about the spamming in Esnips social networking sometime back.

Guruji - Celebrating Music

Guruji, the Indian search engine, recently launched its own Music Search.

They say,

"Any Indian Song.
Name it. We'll play it

From Guruji blog,

"Guruji Music Search – Guruji Music Search is a one stop shop for all Music lovers searching for Music on the Web. Our Music Index (enriched by songs crawled from all over from the web) has songs ranging from 1932 till 2008, across languages. Guruji Music Search is an attempt to allow users to search for songs in the fastest and easiest way possible. You can search for a song by the song’s words, singers, movie/album, actors, music directors and so on…"

I decided to give it a try.

I started with Bhakta Kuchelan released in 1960s. Yup, it was there. But a search for Jeevitha Nowka(mostly 1950s) didn't return the one I asked for. It gave a Telugu film but I was searching for a Malayalam one.

Over to Tamil, I checked for my fav one, Thiruvilayadal(1965). It's there, but they have got only one song.

And Hindi. My search for Anarkali (1953) was fruitful. They had all the songs!

Guruji indexes most of the Indian music sites like,,, and the rest. The beauty of the service is that they are able to find the same ones from different sites and put it together. Also, they have the details of the songs like the cast, lyricist, singer etc. In one line, Guruji Music Search is the best Indian music repository.

Well, talking about copyrights. They have the standard disclaimer,

" indexes third party websites and does not have control over, nor any liability for the content of such third party websites. If you believe that any of the search results above, link to content that infringes your copyright, please contact us."

In the wake of MPAA suing and winning against websites that link to movies, Guruji might soon face some litigation. Till then, let's enjoy the great search facility.

Click here to know more about Guruji.

Brijit - The Story of a Dead Startup

The child was conceived in October 2007. But, it died prematurely in May 2008. This is an obituary.

The idea was exciting: Reviews of top magazine articles in 100 words. Maybe, I should call it, the "Twitter of Reviews". Also, $5 for each published review was a good proposition. But it turned out to be a costly one.

For those who came late, here's what Brijit was:

"Simply, Brijit aggregates the world's best long-form content and abstracts it in 100 words or less, providing busy, omnivorous, and increasingly mobile readers with rich, qualitative summaries as well as better guideposts for what to read, watch or listen to now. We produce these abstracts in concert with our readers, as one community of readers, writers and editors. Think of us as your well-read friend who leads you to that can't miss article, video clip or product."

They were able to raise around $ 1 million from angel funding. According to their site, they have around 16,000 reviews. That accounts for 16,000 * 5 = 80,000 as payouts! The rest 920,000(1,000,000 - 80,000) itself is a huge sum of money and I can't think of how they could have spent it in such a short period. The interface is good, the reviews are good and the editors do a nice job. But like Sherlock Holmes says, they overlooked some elementary things.

Even though it was a feasible idea (in the sense of making money), Brijit failed to shake the existing aggregators. They were not able to project that they had a revolutionary idea where you can get the news in feeds with a small review so that you can decide whether to read it or not. They could have even challenged the 'market leaders in feeds' if they had projected this properly.

They failed to make use of a potential money source - making money by magazine affiliate systems. While they were offering their reviews on the articles, they could have made thousands of dollars by having a link to subscribe for the magazine. Or I must say, in a higher level, they didn't have a proper monetization plan and were not at all caring to have one in place because they were pampered by the angels. One of the angel investors were the former Time Inc. editor-in-chief Norman Pearlstine. They got money and contacts, so what to worry about? Maybe that led to the downfall.

The Biggest Mistake

On May 15th 2008, they committed the biggest mistake. Below is the homepage from May 15th onwards.

When they ran out of angel money, they just put up a notice and said to the world that we have run out of cash and so we are closing it. Did they expect some passerby VC to see this and give them some cash? Or did they think that the users will start a "Save Brijit" campaign and raise funds?!

When they realized that they are running short of cash, they could have temporarily stopped accepting reviews from users and put reviews written by their own staff. The amount of articles covered will be less, but at least, this could have kept the site running. And by this time, may be some other "guardian angel" would have come their way!!

Anyway, Brijit is now deadpooled. May some one save their souls!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Of Browsers and OS - Some Statistics

Another weekend coming up and I spent sometime analyzing my Google Analytics data.

In browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox are head-to-head with around 46% each. Safari comes third with around 4% of share and Mozilla is behind with 2%.

In OS, Windows leads the pack with a lion's share of 89%. Macintosh comes next with 7%. Linux trails behind in third position with a meagre 3.5%.

For Browser/OS combo, it's a tough fight again between IE and Firefox. IE with Windows comes at 47% while Firefox with Windows is at 40%. Safari-Macintosh is at 3.5% while Firefox-Linux is at 3%. Safari-Windows have turned out to be a dud and it comes at 0.4%. Firefox-Macintosh threw a surprise with 3%.

Disclaimer: Since I write mostly about Tech news and stuff, that could be the reason why my Firefox ratio is high. Firefox still has garnered only around 15-20% of the market share. But with Firefox 3 coming out, and IE getting sluggish, I am sure that Firefox will cross the 50 mark soon. Maybe in an year. Thanks to NCES for their excellent graph creating tools.

Rudra - The Next Gen Destroyer

Rudra Technologies, a Singapore based Anti virus provider, released their flagship product, Rudra.An evaluation download is not available yet (this page says it will be available soon), but their product brochure gives some exciting news.

[The following write up is based on the brochure and I take no responsibility if the product fails to keep up to this]

Usual anti virus softwares use a signature matching or a scanner method to detect viruses and malwares. They check with an existing database using pattern matching algorithms. This is the main reason why we need to keep the database updated. (I hate those pop-ups I get on every Monday in office that says that my anti virus database has to be updated)

Rudra claims that it doesn't require any updates!! It makes sure that no virus and malware runs on the system by:

Since it's a proprietary technology, they haven't disclosed about the working of the mechanism in detailed. But some of the features will surely raise an eyebrow.

Hmm..this will raise some issues with user privacy. Mostly, they will have logs of the activity of the Antivirus software and since it keeps tracks of user activity, it will have the usage pattern of the computer. Something like a high-level "cookies". If a hacker manages to get hold of these files, then level of data compromised is unimaginable. Also, they claim that Rudra makes Windows Kernel to forward all execution requests to Rudra for validation.

Another interesting stuff I noticed was this:

Sounds great!! Hope these things work out when the software is out. Anyway, they support only Windows XP/2000 as of now, so Mac and Vista users, wait and see. (This again proves that Windows Vista, well, sucks!!)

If all's well, then I am sure that Norton, McAfee, Panda, AVG and team will hit the panic button!! Let me know of your experience with Rudra (if you got hold of it from somewhere) and other antivirus softwares. Mail me at bonchibuji at gmail dot com

(In Hindu mythology, Rudra is another name for Lord Shiva, the destroyer.)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Do Evil"

Google seems to have changed its motto!

Yesterday, Google helped in the arrest of an Indian professional for posting derogatory comments about Sonia Gandhi. Google shared the information about the user and the cops were able to trace back the IP to the poor chap!! I pity him.

Google says that they supports the free expression of its users and is committed to protecting user privacy. But when the cops and the government comes knocking on the doors, they seems to forget this. In this case, Pune Cyber Crime Cell asked for the details and Google happily handed over it.

The vulgar comment was posted in an Orkut community called "I hate Sonia Gandhi". The email used for commenting was r******* and was traced back by Google to be of an IT professional from Gurgaon. Google came clean!!

The irony is that the owner of this community cannot be arrested or charged because it is "completely legal" in India to "hate politicians!!" But, posting some thing bad about someone whom you hate is a felony!!

This event comes in wake of RIM (Research in Motion) agreeing to share the user data with DoT. My gut feeling says that Indian Government is planning to become serious in the cyber business and censorship. Time alone will tell that. Let's wait and watch.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DoT takes RIM's bait

The fight between DoT(Department of Telecommunications, India) and RIM (Research in Motion) has taken new dimensions. DoT was forcing RIM to share the private data of the customers...messages, transactions etc..which happened through Blackberry's. Security agencies were concerned about the potential usage of an un-monitored communication system by terrorists. This led to widespread confusion among the users and there were even rumors that Blackberry's will be pulled out from the market.

Who can afford to leave the country with the highest growth in cell phone users? Finally, RIM has agreed to share the data with DoT. Or better, I should say that they have agreed to handover the data to DoT. Blackberry uses Public(with user) and Private(with company) key in its encryption system. Private key is held by RIM. Now, they have offered to give the private keys to DoT with an if clause, "if DoT will assume full resposibility and bear the consequences in case of a data loss or data theft."

If DoT agrees to this, I will say they have taken the bait. Since security systems in India are "highly sophisticated and hack proof", it will be just a matter of hours for some one to get the private keys.

Also, Blackberry is used by many users for bank transactions and similar stuff because of its high security. So, if DoT loses the data, think of the damage it can do! Millions of bank accounts and credit card numbers and private messages floating around!!

This is the first case where RIM is known to have shared the security details with a government. There is also a rumor that RIM plans for a similar deal with China to roll out there soon. But, in China it always happens. Be it be Google or Yahoo or Microsoft, China has forced the companies to reveal private and sensitive information. Is India trying to become another Big Brother? This also reminds me of the short period when blogs were blocked by the Indian Government.

Any thoughts by Blackberry users?

Who wants to be the American President?



Thanks to Gowri Sankar and Vishnu Prasad.

Philanthropists, beware!

Phishers never give up. Be it the Katrina Hurricane or the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2005, they are waiting to pounce upon. The recent prey is the China Earthquake.

SANS Internet Storm Center wrote in a blog on 15th May that they were noticing a number of new registration of domains related to the China earthquake and Myanmar Cyclone.

Quoting Jim,

"These may not all be scams, but we repeat the advice we first gave nearly 3 years ago, if you wish to donate money to help the victims of these disasters, we suggest you stick to the established charities that you have a relationship with (such as the Red Cross or Church World Service or the like) through their main web pages or the phone."

Phishers also seems to have followed this advice. Websense, the internet security firm reported about a phishing site that "poses as a representative of the Red Cross and provides multiple bank accounts for the money to be wired."

The site is down now. This is usually the way phishers work. In most of the cases, a particular site will be used for maximum 10 hours and then they will dump it and resurface with a new one. So, before giving donating. Double confirm the identity. Be-aware!!

Another update from SANS says that the scammers have gone mobile. Check out the details of the story here.

Monday, May 19, 2008

"10 reasons why I sucks!" : Brickbats at me!!

Some time back, I wrote my 10 reasons Why Linkspank Sucks. Andrew, the founder of Linkspank, took it seriously and gave me his take for all the 10 reasons and the new changes they have made. Slowly, I started liking the site and then gave my 3 Stars for Linkspank.

Due to the high "stickiness" of Linkspank, I was browsing through the entries and came across this. "10 Reasons Why visakhcr Sucks!" Wow, other than Andrew, some one else have taken the pains to react to me even if its "very flattering". Also, from one of the comments here, it seem that the blogger, KidBaby, just started his\her illustrious blogging career "spanking" me!! Anyway, I love it when some one writes about me. You can read my reply here.

Some blogging tips to KidBaby - You have made the biggest blogging mistake. There is no a single link to my post or blog. So, whom am I for a reader of your blog? This is what is the purpose of linking.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Satyam sued for $1 billion - WTF?

Satyam Computer Services,the $ 2.1 billion Indian software giant, has been sued for $ 1 billion by Upaid Systems, online and mobile payments specialist.

Here's the extract of press release from Upaid.

"Upaid originally filed the Texas lawsuit in April 2007 following the revelation in Texas of forged documents previously provided by Satyam to Upaid. Satyam had sought a High Court injunction in London in September 2007 to try to block the Texas case, arguing that a 2003 commercial agreement terminating the relationship between the two companies precluded all future claims against it for all past practices and that any residual claims against it had to be tried in London.

The High Court categorically refused Satyam's request in January 2008. After hearing testimony from senior executives of both companies and legal experts in a four day trial, the Court ruled that the Texas claims could proceed. Satyam appealed this decision, and it was this appeal which was comprehensively dismissed last Friday by a Court of Appeal panel presided over by Lord Justice Waller, Vice President of the Court of Appeal Civil Division.

Costs were awarded against Satyam. In their further plea to the Court of Appeal for leave to appeal to the House of Lords Satyam first admitted publicly that, "...the effect of the judgment is that collateral proceedings in Texas will proceed. These are likely to be highly detrimental to the Appellant and extremely large sums of money are at stake."

This is really interesting.

"This is a very serious case of misconduct that involves fraud and forgery by one of India's leading software companies. The damage done to Upaid has been made even worse by the time wasted in London while Satyam tried to avoid the consequences of their own actions, rather than doing all it could to help a former customer by addressing the substantive issues raised in Texas. But, with the London issues out of the way, we can now look forward to dealing with what really matters in Texas, where the forgeries first came to light".

Read the full Court of Appeal Judgment here.

Except an analysis on this situation on this by Soham Das by Jump Up

Update : Soham kept his word. Read his detailed analysis on this case here.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Celebrating Laser

On May 16 1960, first working laser was demonstrated by Theodore Maiman at Hughes Research Laboratories. After that D-day, the world of laser has seen a huge growth. In medicine, in defense, in industries, and even in toys (the laser pen).

Read a first hand report about the First Laser by Charles H. Townes from A Century of Nature: Twenty-One Discoveries that Changed Science and the World. Also, Google celebrates this event in its own way. See the home page. For those who came late, I am putting a screenshot.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tech Hasn’t Empowered Workers Enough Yet - My Experience

Recently, Bill Gates quoted, "Technology hasn't empowered workers enough yet." He agrees that the change has started, but haven't caught up much with the users.

The other day, my team was planning for a picnic. We wanted a count of the number of people who will be coming. First, we started with the old thing: Passing around a paper and a pen and asking everyone to write their name on it. Seeing it takes more time, we stopped it and planned to do it in a more "geeky" way.

First, we tried to sent it by Microsoft Outlook as a meeting request so that we will have a count of people who vote for it and against it. Then, someone noticed that some of us will not be using Outlook and if it's Exchange Server, then this will be difficult. So, I suggested Google Docs. But, my employer's IT policy doesn't allow to access Google Docs since it comes under "File Sharing". So, I checked up with Google Notebook. But, its features are less and I didn't have the time to setup a new Google id for that. Finally, I suggested the idea of a Wiki. Well, I created one for the purpose used Wikidot. But when it came to editing, I found out that if one person is editing, the Wiki will be locked for 15 minutes and no one else will not able to edit it. That kills our entire purpose.

Finally, we created a Excel sheet, put it in shared and gave the IP and password to all. Well, here also the file will be locked when someone is editing it, but there is an option to inform when the lock is released.

Finally, mission accomplished.

Total time taken - around 45 minutes.

Approx. time taken to fill with paper and pen - around 50 minutes(we are 40 people and giving 1.25 minutes to each)

So, when is the Web going to evolve to solve real world problems?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ubuntu is not Linux, it's a Cola!

This really took me by surprise!! Ubuntu is not just a Linux distribution! It is also a Cola!!!

Faitrade foundation, a charity organization based from U.K, makes and sells a product called Ubuntu Cola. Also, there is a company called Ubuntu Trading Company Ltd.

But this is a noble attempt by Fairtrade to support the farmers of Malawi and Zambia. Here's their mission statement:

"Our idea is to create a trading company based on the concept of Ubuntu - each person participates so that each benefits. We want to make fairtrade accessible to more people: our delicious refreshing drinks will enable more people to participate in the fairtrade movement and deliver a real return to the African communities where the ingredients are grown."

Ubuntu - Humanity or fellow feeling; kindness. In other words, "I am what I am because of who we all are."

It's raining Linux : Fedora 9 is out

It's raining Linux. Even before Ubuntu Hardy Heron could find a place, Fedora 9 has come. You can get it here. But, better go for Fedora 8 or 7 which is more stabilized that the latest offering.

You can read Ars Technica's take on Fedora 9. Also, Fedora has its own free distribution scheme like Ubuntu. But the difference is that there is a limit in the number of media for each month. Also, if you have a DVD burner and ready to burn 2-3 discs and mail them at your own cost per month, then you can join in the Free Media Program which helps in the distribution of Fedora.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


HP acquired EDS for $ 13.9 billion. This will really push HP up in the services sector to #2 spot behind IBM. But what I want to see is how this will affect EDS's operation in "lower-wage" zones. Out of the 139,000 employees, more than 43,000 are based in such zones. That is just 30% of the total workforce. I believe HP employs around 150,000. I don't know how many of them are in India, but anyway it will come to 20,000. So, the combined one, HP-EDS, will have around 21% from "lower-wage" zones. Well, that is very close to IBM's count of 388,000. IBM India employs around 75,000(<20%). Anyway, the divide is closing on IBM now.

So, are we going to see another massive cut-down in US and a rush in off-shoring? Wait and watch.

Spam is everywhere - Beware Esnips!

Nothing in this world can escape them. Atleast, in the internet. They irritate, cheat, wastes our time and money. They are called "Spammers".

Spammers are everywhere. Email, Myspace, Orkut and even Twitter. Also, in Esnips.

Esnips, the file sharing site, had recently jumped into the social networking bandwagon with Social DNA. (I must admit that it is good). And, spammers have started to take advantage of it.

The other day, I got the following private message:

"mariababy_2007 writes:

Intrested in you,
My name is Miss maria, i saw your profile today . And I became intrested in you, i will also like to know you the more, and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am. Here is my email address: ( i believe we can move from here. I am waiting for your mail to my email address above. Miss maria (Remember the distance, colour or age does not matter but what matters in life is the true love)

Yours Love,
Miss maria"

What an interesting proposition! Sounds great! I was "interested", I must say!

So, I went to Maria Baby's profile. Here's the description:

"Philosophy of life:
"am a good girl from a good home and good looking like to meet people and make friends "
Lives in:
Alabama ,United States

About me

am maria sweet looking girl from a good home am single looking for love or a relationship that an last forever and i need a honest man that have great understanding who i an trust to give my heart and will not hurt me if you still like to be friend here is my email address"

Howz it? Wait, there are some fantastic comments to this.

"JML writes:

...Kiss for you...Mariababy...
Added 6 hours 10 minutes ago

fencepost writes:
Added 1 day ago

mrinal.kantip writes:
hi I'm kanti from india my mail id is [something] and [something]
Added 2 days ago

sam_vasanthi writes:

And goes on. You can check the entire thing here.

Esnips has an Alexa global ranking of 344. I bet it has a better ranking in countries like India, Israel, Pakistan etc. (The fact that India drives a lot of traffic to this site is obvious from the comments above!).

I will say that Esnips is gonna see a torrent of spamming activity soon. It will have mostly all the Nigerian scamsters back in action. If Esnips doesn't take this seriously, we will soon see the next-gen spamming driving away the potential downloaders and uploaders.

(Pic Courtesy Gizmodo UK)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Red Devils own the Game!

I am a Manchester United Fan. This is about the ripples that have occured among my friend circle today about it.

To start with, around 20 of my friends are ManU fans and the rest, well, to be exact, 2, pretend to be fanactical Chelsea fans. The firing started in the morning when I sent a mail to all the ManU guys about the victory. Then, someone copied one of the Chelsea fans and BOOM!, it started.

Here are a few excepts from the "talk" that we had.

Chelsea:"Useless United fans !!! U won by luck y'day... Ferdinand hand ball inside the area, Scholes 2nd yellow!! All denied.. Coz it Useless United !!!"

Here's another thread:

ManU: "now look who is being a child...Took some time to get off the sadness i believe of parting with your hero...Hello.....jose is gone and its grant now...But the team is the same....Mind it guys...... "

Chelsea: "Oh!!! Is it???? Then dismiss SAF and get ur divers together n play a match under somebody like Alan curbishley or KEANO!!! Lets c wats happening!!! All i can say is.. Chelsea is stil Jose's chelsea... "

ManU: "Yet another example of T.C.L.S - > Typical Chelsea Loser's Syndrome...And why we win the title coz

a)There is no special one or super special one at Man U -> We have just ONE -> Sir Alex..and his record is special enuf!!;-) ( 21 trophies in 16 yrs)!!
b) We dont kick the Special One out over 2 losses
c) We dont cry for ths Special One one's he is left
d) Last but Not the Leasy - give some Bloody Credit to a man ( Avram Grant) who has worked his arse off to meet the expectations of stupid supporters like u who in the end sing the same old song "Chelsea is still Jose's chelsea..."

P.S;- Interesting Trivia - how many times did the Special One take Chelsea to the Finals Of the champions League???-;-)"

Another one:

ManU: "u have smelt defeat yet another time..better change ur jerseys or carry it to face it again in MOSCOW(Champions League Final)......"

Chelsea: "you guys won this because west ham decided to do you a favour for helping them remain in the league last season..."

ManU: "Ultimate New Story :- West Ham Does Man U a Favour....for last season...and as for SAF pissing in his [name]..since wen have u started looking at Football Manager's pants for piss Signs? Yes and der is one thing Jose Mourinho has taught Chelsea - To Whine Like a 3 Yr Old Who has been deprived his favorite toys. When Will You Guys Ever Act Like Men?? If you want to know what that is Kindly Refer Attached[below] Pic!!!!;-);-))))"

Chelsea: "you guys know what real men do.. they stand up and support their club when the chips are down...not just appear out of nowhere and reel off wisecracks one after another when their club is covered in glory...i have only one request to all of you... please don't close your ears/ shutdown your systems/ run away or just say "Chelsea have money, they ought to win" as you have done so far... when Chelsea wins.... on 21st..."

ManU: "unlike wen u started supporting Chelsea..i did nt start supporting manu when they were full fledged champions..and i have been their supporter for over a decade now...unlike you guys who have just started supporting Chelsea...i have seen more Chelsea Teams play than u ever have;-) Ever Heard Of Gianfranco Zola or Desaily or HasselBank??You would nt dare to support the Chelsea of then;-) dont give me the crap abt sticking to a team thru Glory And Defeat!!! WE VE SEEN MORE AND WON MORE!!!!:-)"

ManU: "think u blues are the real men?!? Then hear one thing...."real men don’t just f**k around saying that their club is the best(or whatever it might be)...they always support them throughout the victories and the failures..."

"But these pests called Chelsea...they just want to lament and make lame and dumb excuses when they lose....and when they win, they shout at their top of the f***ing voice that they are unconquerable...."

This is not heroism..this is not even good sportsman ship...but anyway, what is the use of telling this to s***-heads...!!!" [this is by me!!]

To add as a twist to the tale, if you check Wikipedia entry for Manchester United, then Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City and Leeds are considered as rivals. Read on:

"United's number one rival is difficult to determine. Traditionally, the closest rivals have been Liverpool, Manchester City and Leeds, though Arsenal have come into the frame in recent years. Currently, most fans see Liverpool as their biggest rivals, due to the success of both clubs as well as their proximity to each other,while others rate intra-city rivals Manchester City as their biggest rivals. The Liverpool rivalry began during the 1960s when the two clubs were among the strongest in England, and have been competing closely just about every season since. The Manchester City rivalry dates back to the Newton Heath era of the 1890s, and has remained fierce due to both clubs being in the same division for much of their history.

Whilst based in traditional Yorkshire-Lancashire rivalry, the rivalry with Leeds United began during the late 1960s when Leeds emerged as a top side, and continued through the 1970s and 1980s before arguably reaching its apex when Leeds pipped United to the league title in 1992. The rivalry with Arsenal is more recent and based more on battles on the pitch; it has been particularly intense since Arsenal and United have been in direct competition for several trophies since the late-1990s."

This is just a warm up session. The real war will be on 21st when ManU takes Chelsea in the Champions League Final in Moscow. Watch out for that!!

(Thanks to all my friends who cared to copy me in the mails.)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Google - The Noble Knight

Google India's Home Page today has an ad for supporting the cyclone victims in Myanmar (Burma). The link takes you to this page. Also, has put up the same ad.

This is indeed a very noble gesture from Google. Think of the number of people who will see it. Google also has pledged $1 million from their side. And remember, Google has never put any ads for money in its home page. Hail Google!

Friday, May 9, 2008

3 Stars for Linkspank!

Sometime last week, I spanked Linkspank 10 times. After that I got to friend Andrew (the great founder whom I had mentioned in my post). Yesterday, Andrew wrote a long reply for each of the 10 reasons that I have spanked them for. I am really happy that he took some of them seriously and made changes.

That's why this post!

1. This is encryption (Or better; Privacy, Matters)

Password is no longer sent by email. Andrew promised this and he has delivered. Now, instead of sending your password by email in plain text, they ask for you email address first and then sent an auto generated password to sign up. The password can be changed the next time when you log on. (I verified this and is working!)

2. New design rocks!

Well, I told that they had a really bad and messed up home page. But now, it's revamped. Well, it's cool! Like I said, they made it categorised! And with the pretty little interface they have got (I had already mentioned in my earlier post), they really rocks!

3. Stickiness - More than Digg!

My stickiness to Linkspank is more than what is that for Digg. Whenever my system is on, I am logged into Linkspank. Though there is not much activity, they indeed have a great stickiness ratio.
(BTW, someone at Linkspank asked me "If Linkspank sucks, then why are you using it?" Here's my answer)

I hope Andrew, with his team of spankers can take Linkspank to a great highs soon! I wish them good luck and hope they can make me stick to Linkspank!

For Google News, May 9 = April 10!!

I was just browsing through Google News India when I came across a news article titled Sonam, Deepika in Race.

But, when I clicked on it, I found that it was a news published by the Hindustan Times on April 10, 2008. Today is May 9 2008 and this one-month outdated news made it to the top of the news? And the comedy of errors is that Google says it's published 4-hours ago!

That is when I realized that I don't understand Google!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kaizen : I is C

Well, maybe I am too abstract. I meant, Improvement is Continuous. That is the one and only way to stay ahead of competitors.

Today, I came across an article on Toyota Way. Toyota Way is one of the most written about topics in the history of business. And that is the irony. Toyota has thrown open its entire system for others to see. For Friends. For Foes. They even has an agreement with GM to help them set up the Toyota Production System. The entire process of Toyota is available at the click of the mouse. But still, they leads!

This is where Kaizen comes into play. Kaizen in Japanese means Improvement. Or better, Continuous Improvement. This is the mantra of Toyota.

"Kaizen is a daily activity whose purpose goes beyond simple productivity improvement. It is also a process that, when done correctly, humanizes the workplace, eliminates overly hard work (both mental and physical), and teaches people how to perform experiments on their work using the scientific method and how to learn to spot and eliminate waste in business processes."

It is Kaizen that we want in our daily life. In our work. In our games. In our blogs. It's Kaizen.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finally, we got our TUBE!

Youtube launched its India specific edition yesterday. You can check it at or

Also, they started a blog also. An extract from there:

"Moreover, an Indian version of YouTube allows you to connect with local users like never before –- take a look at the videos being featured on our home page right now and you'll see everything from a non-resident Indian (NRI) family trying to tell folks back home how much they missed their hot cup of morning tea to the merry whistlers from Bangalore to traffic mayhem in Hyderabad."

Anyway, home page now features the following:

"Dhoom machale" whistled by Pooja
The famous "dhoom machale" from the movie "dhoom 1" whistled by 8yr old Pooja.

Street light indian short film
Street Light is a touching story about a electrical fault in a residential area.

Lingo Kid
Kid speaks many languages to sell Peacock Fans

Indian gymnastics on a pole

Regular Indian stuff, isn't it?

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