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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Google Short Links...errr...GSL..

Google Solution Marketplace has released Google Short Links. As the name suggests, it helps to shorten urls by giving meaningful description instead of the url. Here is the overview from Google.

Web-based information publishing & sharing is becoming increasingly critical to your organization's day to day activity. The backbone of this activity is the ability for your users to access important information securely from anywhere. Users have gotten used to the convenience of neatly describing the location of any piece of information as a URL. Unfortunately the web is a big place and there are lots of URLs. Its likely that the information important to your business will be located at URLs that are long and cumbersome to share in a written or verbal way. 

Google Short Links is a self-service mechanism for your Google Apps users to shorten any web URL to something descriptive and memorable. This makes it easier for users to recall the locations of important documents and web sites and it makes it easier for them to share these locations with others in emails, presentations, and hallway conversations.

It is free for organizations using Google Apps. But the customer reviews at this page doesn't sound so satisfied users. As someone has asked, Why did Google take 9 years to come up with something like this?

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