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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Satyam Computer Services again in jeopardy

One of India's largest software outsourcing company, Satyam Computer Services is again in the headlines for bad stuff. If it was the $ 1 billion lawsuit by Upaid some months earlier, the latest one questions the company's ethics. 

News agencies have reported that Satyam employees working for World Bank have been accused of installing spywares onto World Bank pcs that have compromised around 18 servers and other confidential data. 

"I want them off the premises now," World Bank President Robert Zoellick has reportedly told his deputies. 

Satyam has refuted all these reports. "The story has no validity," a spokesperson for the company said. But the World Bank contract for 5 years, which Satyam had won in 2003, expired on September 2008 and has not yet been renewed. 


jumpup said...

Hahaha.... LOL.. I am literally holding my belly...
God, how can somebody be so color blind. Cant they see, this is the color of danger, the color red, which will ooze in the field called 'corporate goodwill and brand equity' in their balance sheets????

God, help the investors. I guess what we need now is an Indian equivalent of Carl Icahn...

Ass$^~s !!!

Bonchi Buji said...

do I smell a Carl Icahn in Jump Up??

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