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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The most difficult job for me - Cleaning my Glasses!

Do I sound crazy? Well, if you think so, then read on my story...

Everyday I ride around 15 kms in my bike to reach my office. That translates to half an hour in Chennai, India. So, after 30 mins through the dusty and smoky roads, I reach my office. Even though I use a helmet and cover my face properly with the helmet, my glasses is a heck when I get to office. The first place I go to is the restroom. And here I spends the next 10 minutes on a rigorous cleaning.

The glasses will have spots of dust. This can't be cleaned with the cleaning cloth that the opticians give. Also, I have got an anti-glare coating that will lead to spreading the dust if I use that cloth. After weeks of testing, I have come up with this innovative (is it? read on and tell me) way to get rid of the dust and have a clean and clear vision. 

Water is the best cleaning agent in the world. So, I go the wash basin and slowly pour some water onto the specs slowly and carefully. Keep the water flow slow and pour water all over the glasses - on both sides. Now, I take out my kerchief (well, a bit off-track thought: Kerchief is derived from the French word couvre-chef and the similar word bandana is from the Hindi word bandhan). Start wiping out the water slowly. It should be done in a fashion so that the cloth will go in circles rather than in straight lines. When I check out how clear it is, I can still see that all I can have is a blurred vision. So, I go to the hand dryer and holds an end of the kerchief so that it gets heated/warmed up. No, I again clean the glasses with the warmed up cloth. This cycle continues till I get a spot free and clear vision. 

Well, I have been doing this for sometime now. The maximum I took was 10 mins on a really dirty day. Given the fact that I sit in front of a computer for around 9 hours a day, spending this 10 mins is really worth as it gives me a clear day. 

So, fellow glass-mates, what do you think? Am I crazy?

1 comment:

jumpup said...

A very interesting choice of words :"glass mates"...

So, with my $0.02,

I did use to wear the spects for some time, but delicate things like them always had an enmity with me. I broke them!

But whenever they stayed on my nose, I had this constant issue that they have stopped working. Cause: My vision is blurry.

Only after several days, of complaining did I realise that, glasses need maintenance too. And lo and behold, I could see again!


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