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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

From the Land of Pharaohs to that of Sex Maniacs!!

I have never been to Egypt. I had always thought that Egypt could be counted upon as one of the developed countries from that part of the globe. But, the BBC report, Egypt Voice : Sexual Harassment shocked me. Some excerpts:

"I get harassed 100 times a day. I tried everything to stop it but it doesn't stop. I wear loose clothes, I don't wear make up, I spend more than an hour in front of the mirror everyday thinking of ways to hide my body" says a shop-keeper

"Once I was waiting for the bus with my child and a car stopped, the guy waved his hand at me with a 20 pound note. It was unbelievable. Another time I was walking home and this guy unzipped his trousers in a car next to me" says a housewife.

It's shocking that such things happen and the authorities don't give a damn about it. I never thought Egypt will be like this. But, I am really happy to see that the women are building up the courage to speak out these atrocities to the outside world.

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