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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chrome - The Color of Internet

Google has finally announced their browser - Google Chrome. Well, they say it's a fresh take on the browsers. They have a comic strip which explains the process.

I find it a bit bad step from Google. Enthusiasts for sure, will download and might make another record, but what about the common users? I remember how difficult it was and how much time I spent in educating my colleagues about the advantages of using Firefox. And some of them who are reluctant, still stick to Explorer.

Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia about Chrome:

"While all of the major tabbed web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera) have been designed with window as the primary container, Google Chrome will put tabs first. The most striking way the user will see this is that tabs are at the top of the user interface, instead of below the controls, as in the other major tabbed browsers. In Chrome, each tab will be an individual process, and each will have it's own browser controls and address bar (dubbed omnibox), a design that adds stability to the browser. If one tab fails only one process dies, the browser is still running. Chrome will also feature a process manager which will allow the user to see how much memory and CPU each tab is taking up, as well as kill off unresponsive tabs."

Sounds good, doesn't it? The Beta will be released today. Let's see.

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Andrew said...

Nice post... I was having some similar thoughts. There are neat feature ideas here but I'm not sure if those are grounds to start a whole new browser project. Wouldn't we all be better served if Google contributed to the Firefox project? Granted, such a cooperation may be difficult to orchestrate; but such a fact is itself testament to the momentum and importance of Firefox.

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