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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Is Twitter Down?" - Yes or No!!

A lot have been talked about Twitter. People are addicted to it, I am too!!

Well, I think that it's about Twitter down time that more people are talking about that Twitter itself. To prove the point, Twitter recently started a blog so that it can inform the world when the Tweets will be down.

Today, I came across this interesting site. It's called "Is Twitter Down?" It has the nice url, It's a one page site which says either "Yes" or "No"

The site is run by Ryan King. His about page says,

"I work on websites, especially on web crawling and indexing. I listen to music."

Other than the Twitter one pager, he has also got two more. I Blame Kevin and I Blame Tankek. Check them out.

And btw, follow me on Twitter.

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