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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hail Idli!

Chennai's politicians today celebrates the birthday of Chief Minister Karunanidhi. I have also got a reason to celebrate. Idli is cheaper by One Rupee from today!!

For those who don't know, Idli is a dish which looks like a small saucer made of rice. It is steam-cooked and eaten heartily with chutney and sambhar by South Indians. I can hear the cheers for the price cut!

When I first came to Chennai in June 07, one idli used to cost Rs 3. Slowly, it rose to Rs 4 and finally, in the peak of inflation in the last two months, it became Rs 5. By today's price cut it comes down to Rs 4.

Also, the brother of idli, dosa, and wife vada is also seeing a price cut from today.

Hail the legend of Idli.

1 comment:

jumpup said...

I really dont know what the government is trying to make itself out to be... what does it want free PR???

With the bumper winter harvest not only key crops have become cheaper (and thus possibly relaxed the inflation a bit, not much though) but also wheat is tumbling. So can rice be far behind?

So whats the point? Govt is not really playing a Robin Hood but trying to cash on a political opportunity (at least that was Jump Up! believes)

Soham @ Jump Up!

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