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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tech Hasn’t Empowered Workers Enough Yet - My Experience

Recently, Bill Gates quoted, "Technology hasn't empowered workers enough yet." He agrees that the change has started, but haven't caught up much with the users.

The other day, my team was planning for a picnic. We wanted a count of the number of people who will be coming. First, we started with the old thing: Passing around a paper and a pen and asking everyone to write their name on it. Seeing it takes more time, we stopped it and planned to do it in a more "geeky" way.

First, we tried to sent it by Microsoft Outlook as a meeting request so that we will have a count of people who vote for it and against it. Then, someone noticed that some of us will not be using Outlook and if it's Exchange Server, then this will be difficult. So, I suggested Google Docs. But, my employer's IT policy doesn't allow to access Google Docs since it comes under "File Sharing". So, I checked up with Google Notebook. But, its features are less and I didn't have the time to setup a new Google id for that. Finally, I suggested the idea of a Wiki. Well, I created one for the purpose used Wikidot. But when it came to editing, I found out that if one person is editing, the Wiki will be locked for 15 minutes and no one else will not able to edit it. That kills our entire purpose.

Finally, we created a Excel sheet, put it in shared and gave the IP and password to all. Well, here also the file will be locked when someone is editing it, but there is an option to inform when the lock is released.

Finally, mission accomplished.

Total time taken - around 45 minutes.

Approx. time taken to fill with paper and pen - around 50 minutes(we are 40 people and giving 1.25 minutes to each)

So, when is the Web going to evolve to solve real world problems?


Andrew said...

So so true. Somehow all the technology doesn't help much sometimes ;-). (Google docs/spreadsheets would have been great for that, though.)

jumpup said...

Clincer of a conclusion... bang on post!!!

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