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Friday, May 23, 2008

Rudra - The Next Gen Destroyer

Rudra Technologies, a Singapore based Anti virus provider, released their flagship product, Rudra.An evaluation download is not available yet (this page says it will be available soon), but their product brochure gives some exciting news.

[The following write up is based on the brochure and I take no responsibility if the product fails to keep up to this]

Usual anti virus softwares use a signature matching or a scanner method to detect viruses and malwares. They check with an existing database using pattern matching algorithms. This is the main reason why we need to keep the database updated. (I hate those pop-ups I get on every Monday in office that says that my anti virus database has to be updated)

Rudra claims that it doesn't require any updates!! It makes sure that no virus and malware runs on the system by:

Since it's a proprietary technology, they haven't disclosed about the working of the mechanism in detailed. But some of the features will surely raise an eyebrow.

Hmm..this will raise some issues with user privacy. Mostly, they will have logs of the activity of the Antivirus software and since it keeps tracks of user activity, it will have the usage pattern of the computer. Something like a high-level "cookies". If a hacker manages to get hold of these files, then level of data compromised is unimaginable. Also, they claim that Rudra makes Windows Kernel to forward all execution requests to Rudra for validation.

Another interesting stuff I noticed was this:

Sounds great!! Hope these things work out when the software is out. Anyway, they support only Windows XP/2000 as of now, so Mac and Vista users, wait and see. (This again proves that Windows Vista, well, sucks!!)

If all's well, then I am sure that Norton, McAfee, Panda, AVG and team will hit the panic button!! Let me know of your experience with Rudra (if you got hold of it from somewhere) and other antivirus softwares. Mail me at bonchibuji at gmail dot com

(In Hindu mythology, Rudra is another name for Lord Shiva, the destroyer.)

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