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Monday, May 12, 2008

Red Devils own the Game!

I am a Manchester United Fan. This is about the ripples that have occured among my friend circle today about it.

To start with, around 20 of my friends are ManU fans and the rest, well, to be exact, 2, pretend to be fanactical Chelsea fans. The firing started in the morning when I sent a mail to all the ManU guys about the victory. Then, someone copied one of the Chelsea fans and BOOM!, it started.

Here are a few excepts from the "talk" that we had.

Chelsea:"Useless United fans !!! U won by luck y'day... Ferdinand hand ball inside the area, Scholes 2nd yellow!! All denied.. Coz it Useless United !!!"

Here's another thread:

ManU: "now look who is being a child...Took some time to get off the sadness i believe of parting with your hero...Hello.....jose is gone and its grant now...But the team is the same....Mind it guys...... "

Chelsea: "Oh!!! Is it???? Then dismiss SAF and get ur divers together n play a match under somebody like Alan curbishley or KEANO!!! Lets c wats happening!!! All i can say is.. Chelsea is stil Jose's chelsea... "

ManU: "Yet another example of T.C.L.S - > Typical Chelsea Loser's Syndrome...And why we win the title coz

a)There is no special one or super special one at Man U -> We have just ONE -> Sir Alex..and his record is special enuf!!;-) ( 21 trophies in 16 yrs)!!
b) We dont kick the Special One out over 2 losses
c) We dont cry for ths Special One one's he is left
d) Last but Not the Leasy - give some Bloody Credit to a man ( Avram Grant) who has worked his arse off to meet the expectations of stupid supporters like u who in the end sing the same old song "Chelsea is still Jose's chelsea..."

P.S;- Interesting Trivia - how many times did the Special One take Chelsea to the Finals Of the champions League???-;-)"

Another one:

ManU: "u have smelt defeat yet another time..better change ur jerseys or carry it to face it again in MOSCOW(Champions League Final)......"

Chelsea: "you guys won this because west ham decided to do you a favour for helping them remain in the league last season..."

ManU: "Ultimate New Story :- West Ham Does Man U a Favour....for last season...and as for SAF pissing in his [name]..since wen have u started looking at Football Manager's pants for piss Signs? Yes and der is one thing Jose Mourinho has taught Chelsea - To Whine Like a 3 Yr Old Who has been deprived his favorite toys. When Will You Guys Ever Act Like Men?? If you want to know what that is Kindly Refer Attached[below] Pic!!!!;-);-))))"

Chelsea: "you guys know what real men do.. they stand up and support their club when the chips are down...not just appear out of nowhere and reel off wisecracks one after another when their club is covered in glory...i have only one request to all of you... please don't close your ears/ shutdown your systems/ run away or just say "Chelsea have money, they ought to win" as you have done so far... when Chelsea wins.... on 21st..."

ManU: "unlike wen u started supporting Chelsea..i did nt start supporting manu when they were full fledged champions..and i have been their supporter for over a decade now...unlike you guys who have just started supporting Chelsea...i have seen more Chelsea Teams play than u ever have;-) Ever Heard Of Gianfranco Zola or Desaily or HasselBank??You would nt dare to support the Chelsea of then;-) dont give me the crap abt sticking to a team thru Glory And Defeat!!! WE VE SEEN MORE AND WON MORE!!!!:-)"

ManU: "think u blues are the real men?!? Then hear one thing...."real men don’t just f**k around saying that their club is the best(or whatever it might be)...they always support them throughout the victories and the failures..."

"But these pests called Chelsea...they just want to lament and make lame and dumb excuses when they lose....and when they win, they shout at their top of the f***ing voice that they are unconquerable...."

This is not heroism..this is not even good sportsman ship...but anyway, what is the use of telling this to s***-heads...!!!" [this is by me!!]

To add as a twist to the tale, if you check Wikipedia entry for Manchester United, then Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City and Leeds are considered as rivals. Read on:

"United's number one rival is difficult to determine. Traditionally, the closest rivals have been Liverpool, Manchester City and Leeds, though Arsenal have come into the frame in recent years. Currently, most fans see Liverpool as their biggest rivals, due to the success of both clubs as well as their proximity to each other,while others rate intra-city rivals Manchester City as their biggest rivals. The Liverpool rivalry began during the 1960s when the two clubs were among the strongest in England, and have been competing closely just about every season since. The Manchester City rivalry dates back to the Newton Heath era of the 1890s, and has remained fierce due to both clubs being in the same division for much of their history.

Whilst based in traditional Yorkshire-Lancashire rivalry, the rivalry with Leeds United began during the late 1960s when Leeds emerged as a top side, and continued through the 1970s and 1980s before arguably reaching its apex when Leeds pipped United to the league title in 1992. The rivalry with Arsenal is more recent and based more on battles on the pitch; it has been particularly intense since Arsenal and United have been in direct competition for several trophies since the late-1990s."

This is just a warm up session. The real war will be on 21st when ManU takes Chelsea in the Champions League Final in Moscow. Watch out for that!!

(Thanks to all my friends who cared to copy me in the mails.)

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