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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Philanthropists, beware!

Phishers never give up. Be it the Katrina Hurricane or the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2005, they are waiting to pounce upon. The recent prey is the China Earthquake.

SANS Internet Storm Center wrote in a blog on 15th May that they were noticing a number of new registration of domains related to the China earthquake and Myanmar Cyclone.

Quoting Jim,

"These may not all be scams, but we repeat the advice we first gave nearly 3 years ago, if you wish to donate money to help the victims of these disasters, we suggest you stick to the established charities that you have a relationship with (such as the Red Cross or Church World Service or the like) through their main web pages or the phone."

Phishers also seems to have followed this advice. Websense, the internet security firm reported about a phishing site that "poses as a representative of the Red Cross and provides multiple bank accounts for the money to be wired."

The site is down now. This is usually the way phishers work. In most of the cases, a particular site will be used for maximum 10 hours and then they will dump it and resurface with a new one. So, before giving donating. Double confirm the identity. Be-aware!!

Another update from SANS says that the scammers have gone mobile. Check out the details of the story here.

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