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Friday, May 23, 2008

Of Browsers and OS - Some Statistics

Another weekend coming up and I spent sometime analyzing my Google Analytics data.

In browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox are head-to-head with around 46% each. Safari comes third with around 4% of share and Mozilla is behind with 2%.

In OS, Windows leads the pack with a lion's share of 89%. Macintosh comes next with 7%. Linux trails behind in third position with a meagre 3.5%.

For Browser/OS combo, it's a tough fight again between IE and Firefox. IE with Windows comes at 47% while Firefox with Windows is at 40%. Safari-Macintosh is at 3.5% while Firefox-Linux is at 3%. Safari-Windows have turned out to be a dud and it comes at 0.4%. Firefox-Macintosh threw a surprise with 3%.

Disclaimer: Since I write mostly about Tech news and stuff, that could be the reason why my Firefox ratio is high. Firefox still has garnered only around 15-20% of the market share. But with Firefox 3 coming out, and IE getting sluggish, I am sure that Firefox will cross the 50 mark soon. Maybe in an year. Thanks to NCES for their excellent graph creating tools.

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