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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jackie "Plucky" Chan!!

"He refused to have made-in-India water, and asked for imported mineral water instead. Why just water, even Indian food, which always rates high with celebs, found no favour with him. He found it safer to stick with his own cooks, who had accompanied him on his one-day India visit. Neither did he step out of his room, complaining of jet lag and a dire need of rest. "

They even called him "Jackie 'picky' Chan. And Jackie "plucky" Chan replied:

When I saw some of the news reports on the Internet, I was extremely upset. One article accused me of ridiculous things like refusing to drink India’s bottled water — they said I brought my own imported mineral water — and travelling with my own personal chefs because I refused to eat Indian food."

Why did they do it? The newspaper that brought Chennai on it heels gyrating to the tunes of Rahman! The newspaper that shook The Hindu! Did they do it because their reporter was denied an interview with Chan? Or is it another cheap way to get more readers? I think both. What do you think?

Read what The Great Newspaper, The Times of India wrote and what Jackie Chan wrote in reply.

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