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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

'Inquisitr?' - I am Inquisitive!

Duncan Riley left Techcrunch the other day. And he has set up his own "Tech-Pop-Odd" Crunch. He calls it The Inquisitr.

My Spanks:

1. Looks good, but feels bad!

Inquisitr sports a great look. It runs on Wordpress and with a premium theme, Content Press.

It helps to save a lot of money. Obviously, Duncan is not ready to spend from his Techcrunch account!

And since it's Wordpress, it looks more like a blog than like a site (or an aggregator. Whatever you want to call it!). If Duncan wants some eye-candy + interesting stories, then he should think of ditching Wordpress.

2. Tech-Pop-Odd - Isn't it overloaded?

How many people will be there who loves all of these three? Has Duncan asked this question himself?

Maybe he has noticed the draught in the sector and that's why he has created separate channels for each of them!

3. What do you mean by editing?

In the Who? page:

"The Inquisitr is edited by Duncan Riley with assistance from Meieli Sawyer Detoni."

What does he mean by editing? Does it mean finding stories from around the net and posting it? Then how does he plan to do it?

As an interested reader, I would like to know this. We don't need another "user-submitter" as we have enough now itself. Does Duncan plan to share his Google Reader stories with the rest of the world? But then, he should allow users to vote up and down. That's how you get feedback on the content you develop!

But, isn't it a waste of time to select the best of Tech, the worst from Odd and the spiciest from Pop and out them together. If I subscribe to a couple of Tech sites like Techcrunch, Hacker News, Read Write Web, Ars Technica, Silicon Alley Insider etc, and a couple of Odd site like Wired, Onion etc and some pop - Perez Hilton?! - then, why should I subscribe to The Inquisitr?

4. The Name speaks it all!


There are already two sites that make use of the word Inquisitor - The Inquisitor and Inquisitorx (The Safari addon). I will say Duncan has chosen a wrong name. When I mailed my friend about Inquisitr, the spell check auto-corrected it and he ended up in a Google search. And Duncan doesn't come in the first two pages for Googling Inquisitor.

Other than similarities with other names, what does it mean? Should people be inquisitive if they read Tech-Pop-Odd? He could have named it at least!

My Applauds:

1. A Good Idea.

Even though I am unsure how the editing process will work out, I believe Duncan has a good idea; if not good, a neat idea.

It is great to see the lead and hot articles at one place along with self-generated content. Apart from the question of "how", I can imagine how high it can go.

2. Tech-Pop-Odd is a niche!

I spanked Duncan because I thought this is overloading, but still, it has a positive side!

Darren always says, "Find your niche!"

His close friend Duncan has created his own niche.

3. A man is known by the company he keeps!

Duncan has been closely associated with Darren Rowse and Michael Arrington. I consider it as an edge.

When I checked my feeds today morning, two of them (one from Problogger and other from Techcrunch) was about Duncan. So, since these two sites make it to the top of Blogosphere, Inquisitr has got a lot of readers today itself. Now, he should make them stick to him!

4. Experience Matters

One year of experience with Techcrunch is like one month of stint with Google for a programmer. Duncan, who has written the top ever rated post for Techcrunch can surely make wonders.

5. Contacts also matters!

And well, Duncan's contact in the blogosphere is unimaginable. Writers, advertisers, investors, potential suitors......the list goes on....!!

So, Duncan, All the Best!


Shane Coffey said...

What does using wordpress have anything to do with writing on a blog. Techcrunch I think uses wordpress, so does

Do tell cause inquisitive minds want to know.

Bonchi Buji said...

You missed my point...Techcrunch is a Wordpress is the perfect thing..but Inquistr plans to be an aggregator + blog...that's why I am saying they shouldn't stick to has its limitations when you go further from blogging...

jumpup said...


Really good and valid points.
Are not tech and pop non intersecting sets?

Well, I do think so.I would rather label a Linux kernel hacker who also wants to know the debacle of Disney-Miley Cyrus as an exception rather than rule.

But of course Paris Hilton and her sexploits will be really loved by this guy of ours...:D

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