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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finally, we got our TUBE!

Youtube launched its India specific edition yesterday. You can check it at or

Also, they started a blog also. An extract from there:

"Moreover, an Indian version of YouTube allows you to connect with local users like never before –- take a look at the videos being featured on our home page right now and you'll see everything from a non-resident Indian (NRI) family trying to tell folks back home how much they missed their hot cup of morning tea to the merry whistlers from Bangalore to traffic mayhem in Hyderabad."

Anyway, home page now features the following:

"Dhoom machale" whistled by Pooja
The famous "dhoom machale" from the movie "dhoom 1" whistled by 8yr old Pooja.

Street light indian short film
Street Light is a touching story about a electrical fault in a residential area.

Lingo Kid
Kid speaks many languages to sell Peacock Fans

Indian gymnastics on a pole

Regular Indian stuff, isn't it?

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