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Friday, May 30, 2008

Family of scammers!!

Yesterday, Michael Arrington wrote about Naveen Jain and his scam, Intelius. He was talking about the sudden IPO decision and the scam that was bringing in revenue for Intelius.

I am not going to bore you with the details of the scam and Naveen’s previous scams. I will just take you through the repercussions.

Here are some interesting comments to Michael’s post.

Then, son came to the father's rescue. Naveen's son, Ankur Jain wrote a long reply to Micheal. And of course, Michael duly posted it in Techcrunch. Here are the "main" points:

"First I’d like to address your concern with Intelius and then the more important matter, my dad’s character. Someone who does as much technology reporting as yourself should be pretty familiar with companies such as Adaptive Marketing and how their product is integrated into services across the web. The service, similar to WebLoyalty, offers the users the ability to receive an offer that is relevant to their purchases by signing up for a free 7-day trial with a adaptive marketing [which can be canceled for no charge at any point in those 7 days]. Adaptive Marketing then provides that user with targeted offers and savings for as long as he or she remains a member. In fact, adaptive marketing provides this same offer through many other large web services. To call this a scam on Intelius, you would have to consider a series of other large companies including VistaPrint,, Transunion scams as well [they all provide similar offers after checkout]. And frankly none of these companies are scammers whatsoever. Further, Intelius has one of the strongest business models I have come across with one of the most passionate set of leaders in the online industry. More importantly, these directors have an unbelievably high level of integrity."

"But the most important thing I would like to address is my "dad’s character". Outside of the corporate world, my dad has long been a supporter of many noteworthy organizations including United Way, Children’s Hospital, the University of Washington, TIE, Child Relief and You, and many more. He has taken the initiative to actively guide and mentor many young entrepreneurs in the country, thereby helping to lead the next generation of innovators and leaders to success. Yet, even within the corporate world, he has shown a strong conscience and high integrity. It is unfortunate the false allegations such as those made in the Seattle Times continue to circulate the web. But I would have expected a write like yourself to do some more research before referring to this article."

Wow! What a man Naveen is! I think Michael owns him an apology!!

Anyway, Techcrunch readers were eager to reply.

1 comment:

Pram said...

Intelius scammed me out of $19.95 every month since April... Every month, on the the 13th, I was charged for yet another payment for a service I DID NOT KNOWINGLY SIGN UP FOR.

I am a reasonable person, but I am passive aggressive, and after seeing how Intelius has taken money from so many hardworking, honest people, I will be more than happy to blow holes in its credibility until it sinks to the bottom from whence it came.

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