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Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Do Evil"

Google seems to have changed its motto!

Yesterday, Google helped in the arrest of an Indian professional for posting derogatory comments about Sonia Gandhi. Google shared the information about the user and the cops were able to trace back the IP to the poor chap!! I pity him.

Google says that they supports the free expression of its users and is committed to protecting user privacy. But when the cops and the government comes knocking on the doors, they seems to forget this. In this case, Pune Cyber Crime Cell asked for the details and Google happily handed over it.

The vulgar comment was posted in an Orkut community called "I hate Sonia Gandhi". The email used for commenting was r******* and was traced back by Google to be of an IT professional from Gurgaon. Google came clean!!

The irony is that the owner of this community cannot be arrested or charged because it is "completely legal" in India to "hate politicians!!" But, posting some thing bad about someone whom you hate is a felony!!

This event comes in wake of RIM (Research in Motion) agreeing to share the user data with DoT. My gut feeling says that Indian Government is planning to become serious in the cyber business and censorship. Time alone will tell that. Let's wait and watch.


Andrew said...


Bonchi Buji said...

yup...andrew the teal bad thing about this is that the guys identity and email address is floating around in the internet..atleast,the cops should have taken care to protect this data...

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