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Friday, May 9, 2008

3 Stars for Linkspank!

Sometime last week, I spanked Linkspank 10 times. After that I got to friend Andrew (the great founder whom I had mentioned in my post). Yesterday, Andrew wrote a long reply for each of the 10 reasons that I have spanked them for. I am really happy that he took some of them seriously and made changes.

That's why this post!

1. This is encryption (Or better; Privacy, Matters)

Password is no longer sent by email. Andrew promised this and he has delivered. Now, instead of sending your password by email in plain text, they ask for you email address first and then sent an auto generated password to sign up. The password can be changed the next time when you log on. (I verified this and is working!)

2. New design rocks!

Well, I told that they had a really bad and messed up home page. But now, it's revamped. Well, it's cool! Like I said, they made it categorised! And with the pretty little interface they have got (I had already mentioned in my earlier post), they really rocks!

3. Stickiness - More than Digg!

My stickiness to Linkspank is more than what is that for Digg. Whenever my system is on, I am logged into Linkspank. Though there is not much activity, they indeed have a great stickiness ratio.
(BTW, someone at Linkspank asked me "If Linkspank sucks, then why are you using it?" Here's my answer)

I hope Andrew, with his team of spankers can take Linkspank to a great highs soon! I wish them good luck and hope they can make me stick to Linkspank!

1 comment:

Andrew said...

great news V! keep me posted. we are all about kaizen ;-).

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