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Monday, May 19, 2008

"10 reasons why I sucks!" : Brickbats at me!!

Some time back, I wrote my 10 reasons Why Linkspank Sucks. Andrew, the founder of Linkspank, took it seriously and gave me his take for all the 10 reasons and the new changes they have made. Slowly, I started liking the site and then gave my 3 Stars for Linkspank.

Due to the high "stickiness" of Linkspank, I was browsing through the entries and came across this. "10 Reasons Why visakhcr Sucks!" Wow, other than Andrew, some one else have taken the pains to react to me even if its "very flattering". Also, from one of the comments here, it seem that the blogger, KidBaby, just started his\her illustrious blogging career "spanking" me!! Anyway, I love it when some one writes about me. You can read my reply here.

Some blogging tips to KidBaby - You have made the biggest blogging mistake. There is no a single link to my post or blog. So, whom am I for a reader of your blog? This is what is the purpose of linking.


Wind Bag said...

Due to the stickiness of Linkspank I recently came across your response. Very weak stuff. I'm not surprised you seem pretty stupid.

Thanks for the blogging tip, buddy. However, that will be my first and last blog. I had no intention of begining an illustrious career. The only reason I created the blog was to poke fun at you and share it with the linkspank community. I couldn't care less about any mistakes I made in blogging and it is obvious that my entire blog is a giantgantic pile of sarcasm. I had an issue with the way you chose to gain attention and I feel as though I made my point clear. You had every right to point out any faults you felt the website had. Despite that, you were childish in the method you chose to get those ideas to Andrew.

I'm glad you got a boner from my reply and the attention you recieved as a result. Good luck with all your future blogging and God bless.

Wind Bag said...
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Bonchi Buji said...
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Wind Bag said...
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