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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spanking needs one hand, but to applaud you need two hands!

Two days back, I was lashing out at Linkspank with all the power I had just because they made a simple mistake of sending out my password in a plain email. After writing it, I got into an argument with myself, "Why I am becoming a pessimist by criticizing the efforts of other guys?"

There are lots of people who are born for criticizing. Like Hank Williams.

So, I thought, "What if I write some good things about some website?"

But as my title goes, you can spank with one hand, but for applauding you need two hands! So, I need more energy to applaud. (I am grateful to have two hands!)

I thought for sometime and finally decided. Every week, I will take a website and cut through them. If it's good, "It Rocks!" and if it's bad, "It Sucks!"

So, watch out for more spanking and applause.....


sohamdas said...

You rock man!!! You are a great hit... on the blogosphere...

25 readers!! great man!!!

Three cheers! for Visakh the blogger... :)

Hip Hip Hurrah(y)!

sohamdas said...

what next?

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