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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The McDonald's is finally here!

Whenever I saw any McDonald's shop or any news about their ventures in India, I wondered why they were not opening one in Chennai. Being one of the largest and developed cities in India, obviously, it's comes in the radar of any such establishment in the first scan itself. But, McDonald's didn't go with that. They waited for 12 years to do that! According to McDonald's India website, the first shop was setup in Basant Lok in 1996. Now, it has grown to about 136 shops all over, well, North India.

Anyway, I went to check out their first outlet in Chennai in Ascendas IT Park on Sunday. Honestly, I was flabbergasted by the rush I saw over there (It was like Thrissur Pooram). Check out some of the snaps I clicked over there.

So, on Monday, after office, I again paid a visit. Eventhough it was a Monday, it was a bit crowded. Anyway, I got a burger within 5 minutes and settled down and posted a hot post right from there!

Well, the burger was good. The service was great. The only problem was that they don't accept cards since the swipe machines are not installed yet. Anyway, Mc is finally in Chennai with a big-bang!

Another interesting news. The first burger from this outlet was sold for a whopping Rs.400000 (Usually priced at Rs.42). Anyway, the money will go to charity and not into Mc's pocket.

There is something called Big Mac Index introduced by The Economist. In order to compare the exchange rate of two countries, Big Mac Index takes Big Mac as the sample basket of good! Using this, they have found out the most expensive and the most affordable countries (Of course, for Big Mac only!). And, don't be aghast when you find that India sells it the cheapest!

Five most expensive

  1. Iceland - US 7.44
  2. Norway - US 6.63
  3. Switzerland - US 5.05
  4. Denmark - US 4.84
  5. Sweden - US 4.59

Five most affordable

  1. India - US 1.40
  2. China - US 1.41
  3. Hong Kong - US 1.54
  4. Malaysia - US 1.57
  5. Venezuela - US 1.58
  6. Egypt - US 1.60
So, enjoy your burger. It's the cheapest in the World!

Thanks to Saju who provided his N95 without hesitation for the pics and mobile blogging. And thanks a lot to George for sending me the pics.

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