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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Google, Virgin and some fun

Last week, I wrote about the hoaxes that Google had announced on previous All Fool's Day (Google Fool's Day). Well, today, they have again come up with a couple this year also.

It's gDay™ with MATE™. It's a search engine that will allow you to search the "Tomorrow's Web." They call the technology Machine Automated Temporary Extrapolation (MATE). You can check the details here. This time, the hoax is by Google Australia. Doesn't it sound like a lower version of Mentalplex hoax?

In official Google blog, Sir Richard Branson has announced that Virgin and Google will launch Virgle for establishing a permanent human settlement in Mars. They even created a page in Google with the details of Virgle (titled The Adventure of Many Lifetimes!). But, isn't it similar to the Google Copernicus hoax?

Are Google researchers running out of ideas? Maybe they should keep a competition next year to get more and better ideas..

And, today, I was also fooled (at least initially, because I was expecting something to come up) by Michael Arrington and Darren Rowse. Michael came up with a post saying that he is gonna sue Facebook for $ 25 million for displaying an ad which uses his photo. Check it out here at Why we are suing Facebook for $ 25 million in Statutory Damages.

Darren did it better. His PayPerTweet is indeed a great idea which might be taken up by someone soon. (Indeed, in the followup post, he says that the url PayperTweet is already registered!). Check it here at Problogger launches PayPerTweet.

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