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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Free = Dead Pool!

Recently, a lot has been talked about the Economics of Free. Hank Williams wrote a piece that became so notorious that finally he got to talk about it in TV. Also, Coding Horror recently one about it.

Quoting Steven Frank from The First, The Free, and The Best:

"A free program need not be glamorous or even completely bug-free. It can garner a respectable following simply by not costing anything.

I've seen many times people struggle and struggle on with a clunky freeware app just because they're not willing to pay $20 for a significantly better alternative. There's nothing wrong with that particular brand of masochism. People prioritize differently, and money is more valuable than time to a whole lot of people. It's Capitalism in action..."

Hank then talked about the Theory of Artificial Abundance. Finally, he ended up agreeing that it's just another word for bubble 2.0 (read Web 2.0).

I had written sometime back that "Free is the Tagline". If it's a service and you offer it through Internet, it's expected to be free. At least, that's the concept now. But I think it will change as soon as the Dead Pool(not the comics!) in Techcrunch increases and finally goes out of control!

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