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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10 Reasons Why Linkspank Sucks!

Today, I came across yet another networking and linking site, Linkspank. They have a great interface. But, other than that, it sucks! The backend is one of the worst I have experienced. Also, the lack of a proper idea is clearly visible. Other than coining the term "Linkspank", they don't have any innovation.

Well, I will write about it one by one.

1. Encryption, what is it?

The first and foremost thing a site should take care of is encryption of user details. Linkspank has completely forgotten about it.

When I signed up for an account, I got the confirmation mail. And to my horror, it contained my email address and password in simple English! WTF!! See below.

When it comes to referring your friends, how do they expect the users to trust them with their email user name and password? And they have put some Email Privacy Pledge too!

2. Profile - What is it actually?

I have filled up my name,email, password,location info,blog url and even submitted one spank. But why is my profile still showing just 14% complete! What do they actually want?

In this time of bursting Web 2.0, no one has the time to fill out long forms with all the details and make a profile. It should be simplest of all - An email id, a screen name, password and website or blog url. Sweet, simple and it serves the purpose.

3. Contests - A Waste of Time (and money?)

Contests. How many of us participate? Maybe a handul. Maybe 3 in 100.

Linkspank is a site that is targeting the so-called geeks and bloggers. Do we really care for contests? I don't think so. Maybe Linkspank should see the Karma Point model of Mixx!

4. Linkspank Researcher!! OMG!!

What is a Linkspank researcher?

Answer from this page: "A Linkspank Researcher is a skilled procrastinator who gets paid to spank links regularly. You can apply to be a researcher at the Researcher[link] page."

So, you get paid when you spank. It's really that simple. Metamorphically, it is like Digg paying you real cash when you sent a shout to 10 people! Sounds cool, isn't it! Yeah, sounds crazy also!!

5. One year and still struggling...

56249530,697. Well, how do you say it?

Anyway, that is the Alexa Rank for Linkspank!! That's too high(!), for a site launched more than one year back!

6. Is Blogging a kids play?

Well, our guys seems to think so. First of all, their blog sucks!

a. Quality has been decreasing exponentially. They started blogging in 2006 and there has been a steady decrease in the quality of the post. Nowadays, they write bull-shit!

b. It's hosted in blogger! Such a long running blog for a website still depends on Blogger! I don't get it. Maybe, they plan to make money by putting some easy ads there!

c. "Super. Official. Blog" : What does it mean?

These guys love antonyms. Maybe they have done their Master's in English!

First - It sucks. (I think I already told that!). So, antonym - "Super"

Second - Hosted in Blogger. Means, it's "Official".

Third - Blog. For me, blogs are something that reports or write about something. Once upon a time, Linkspank Blog also used to be that, but finally they ended up as an aggregator for their site.

Also, it's really interesting to see ZERO spanks for the links in the post from April 18!

7. Ads, what are they?

Other than a Spot ad that I found on the Linkspank blog, I didn't see any ads anywhere. So, what are their plans? Even Great Google has said that it is difficult to cash on social networking. Is Linkspank gonna spank Google by revolutionizing the advestising field? Maybe, mostly not.

8. Where is the great CEO?

A Google search for Linkspank led me to the Linkedin profile of Andrew Mitchell, the CEO of Linkspank Inc. (Greater Boston Area). A great profile.

Past: MBA Summer Intern at Google
Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton

Education: University of Chicago - Graduate School of Business
Harvard University

Great! Awesome! But why did he pursue this lame plan!

9. Worst Home Page!

The beauty of Digg is that it arranges everything perfectly. But, here, at Linkspank, it really sucks. From the time I started writing this (it has been about 28 hours), I am seeing the same news - "Condeleezza Rice in Iraq for surprise visit."

Of course this is due to the lack of activity, but who is to blame for that!

10. Flawed Strategy and Flawed Marketing

Social Networking has rung the death knell for startups long ago. Even then, Linkspank thought they have a great idea and jumped into it. "Whenever you startup, it should be planned properly." Andrew missed the point!

Here's the job description for the post of CTO in Linkspank posted in Readwriteweb in December 2007.

"Do you like wearing both admin and programmer hats? Do you enjoy solving annoying technical problems? Do you find databases sexy? Do you like to roll up your sleeves and DO stuff?"

a. I hate wearing hats. I think it's old-fashioned.

b. Enjoy solving technical problems. Well, Yeah!

c. Sexy Databases....I have been working with databases for the last 10 months. Especially Oracle and Teradata. Did I find them sexy? Hmm. Maybe SQL and Sex are 3-letter words!

d. Roll up my sleeves! Come on, I wear sleeveless always!!

An extra reason- It has been one day(29 hours to be exact) since I joined Linkspank. I got a mail to add as a friend from Spank Droid. Looks like he's one of the founders. Because I see Andrew in his friend list. So, was I the only(or the few you can count with your fingers) who joined Linkspank yesterday? Shall I spank them?

(P.S - I usually don't like criticizing too much. In this case, the spark was started by Linkspank themselves when I got the email which plainly put my password alongwith my email. It made me do this!!)

Send me a mail about what you think about this post.


sohamdas said...

Mone kidu...

Really good list!!!

Dugg it!

Andrew said...

visakhcr, thanks for your feedback and here are my comments.

Overall, I'd say that I'm pretty pleased, because for a top ten complaints these are pretty small to me!

1) I could see why this would bother you if you use the same password as for your bank account or somewhere. I'm just trying to make it easy for people, because logging in is a huge pain in the ass. We've actually changed the process so when you join, it sends you a password of its choosing. If you dislike the fact you got it in plain text you can just go edit it but there is no chance of one if your otherwise-in-use passwords being plaintexted.

2) This isn't really a big deal. It's kind of like profile completion in LinkedIn. You can spank and all that even if you don't do the checklist- it's just a way to get some points and learn the site.

3) This is where you are definitely wrong. The contests are awesome. You're correct that only a minority go for the gold, but they enrich the experience for everyone. A contest is coming soon so hopefully you'll feel the magic.

4) haha. This was a little experiment... nothing has come of it.

5) I think we're going ok. Plus in a Tipping Point business it's senseless to pursue this avenue. You have to look to the future and decide whether you think the boom is coming.

6) Check the inside linkspank blog, maybe it's more of what you're after. We're going to start having a regular comic series on the Super official blog because (to my surprise) people seem to like the comics. I agree that little happens there - mostly contest announcements.

7) Is this 10?

8) F u dude! j/k ;-)

9) Re-check it, playing with a new format.

10) Too long to answer, but there are good answers here. Be sure not to fight lazy logic with lazy logic in this one!

Thanks again! The odds are high that you, as a blogger, will come to like the site, based on experience so far. Let me know what you think when you've had a chance to do some spanking.


Bonchi Buji said...

Hi Andrew...

It was great...i am pleased and surprised to know that you have acknowledged me...thanks a lot...

btw, i have started liking the new format that you are playing with..especially the quote of the day..and i am really happy to know that you have changed the password "policy"...(and I am sorry, because even Wordpress sends password as plain text by email..!!! Wordpress Sucks man!!)

for the researcher part, i have sent a request to sign up as one,but yet to get a reply..:)

so..i am really excited...may Linkspank have a good life with lots of users spanking each other!! Meanwhile, i will spank you:)

THARA MANI said...

rinshi nee yo poo veee vee pru che
thumbs up!!!!

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