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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

YAHOO! - Yet Another Hollow Obsolete Offering!

I stopped using my Yahoo! mail account the day when Gmail came. It was the day that revolutionized the concept of email. 1GB of memory (which is now around 2.9 GB and counting!), doing away with the conventional concept of folders.......

If you haven't made the switch yet to Gmail, here's one more reason to do it now. Wall Street Journal's Biz-Tech blog has posted the worries that was caused due to Yahoo! email. Seems like Yahoo! doesn't support above a particular limit of emails in a folder. It just crashes! And WSJ was using the Plus Service ($ 19.99 a year)!

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch today.

(Here's an extra tip. When you create a Gmail account, two email ids are created internally. One is Another one, is also created automatically. So you can give the one id when you sign-up for newsletters and similar services and another for personal and official communication. Then just create a rule to filter based on the id to which it is sent! What more can you ask for?

Those who already have a Gmail id, check this now itself by giving the googlemail id to sign-up for my email alerts)

Thx to labnol

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