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Monday, March 31, 2008

Is the Pied-Piper in Chennai?

Last Friday, I went to Satyam to see Race. That's another story. Well, having read about the COO of Satyam and the various plans that he has poured in, I had very high hopes when I went there.

Well, it didn't turn out to be entirely false. The lobby leading to the hall was cool and well designed. The cafeteria was really great and was tempting. The interiors of the theatre was even better. With lights of different shapes up there, and large and lavish cushion seats, everything was fine. My friends and I settled down and then came an unexpected twist in the story. (Anyway, this twist is better that the twists in Race!!)

It looked like there was a fan of Saif (or is it the girls?) under our seat. I heard one of my friend shouting and looking under the seat behind. And then I saw it. It was one of those little creatures of the night that looks cute and good in toons, but not in real life. It was a rat! Anyway, it would have seen or heard our cries and ran away to find it's safe place. Anyway, it would have been dead if it had watched that movie! So, Tan Ngaronga, don't worry about it. Rats, cockroaches and lizards are part of our life. It's unavoidable.

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