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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is Internet driving you mad?

Sometime back, I wrote about Googlian Thoughts - How Google has changed our life and how our online life has become. Then I wrote about websites to visit while you are in office. So here's an interesting news.

American Journal of Psychiatry now says that internet addiction is a mental illness. British Psychiatrists in the journal, Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, had put down this last year itself.

Since now the psychiatrists have come to the same conclusion, ask these questions to yourself -

Am I browsing for more than 2 hours per day?

Am I feeling a kinda feeling (like depression) when I am away from my computer?

Am I feeling like a loser when internet is down?

If your answer is "YES" to any two of the above, then maybe you are showing symptoms of a mild addiction. Try these tips to come back to normal.

Take a break. Take at least two days off and go on a trip. (Don't take your cell and blackberry with you. And laptop is out of question!). Maybe a beach far off. Or a small and cool village. Take a bus or if you are in your car, park it somewhere and walk around. Listen to the sounds around you. Use all your senses and feel around. If thoughts of email or computer comes to mind, drive them off. "Think whether you can enjoy and have this feeling through a machine?" That will help to drive away the bad thoughts about hooking on to net. Do this for two days and you will get over your addiction.

P.S - This came to me all of a sudden when I started writing this post. Don't take it as a professional's advice. Take it as a fellow sufferers' advice!

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