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Monday, March 10, 2008

India's Rising Brand Equity & Falling Sensex

It seems India's Brand Equity is on an all time high, but still the bears are at large.

India is the 6th most popular nation in US - declares Gallop in its survey. India which shares its spot with France, comes after Canada, UK, Germany, Japan and Israel.

On the other side of the spectrum, Iran, North Korea and Palestinian Authority leads the list of most unfavorable ones. Pakistan comes at sixth followed by Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia and China comes at 8th and 10thwhich sprangs a surprise (Maybe due to Laden and lead-paint toys)

Another revelation. Apart from the worries about the falling stock market, a study by Anagram Stock Broking says that Sensex is violating its 4-year trend line. So, am I hearing a death bell for the bulls?

1 comment:

Soham Das said...

sometimes you just feel lucky!!!

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