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Friday, March 28, 2008

Black Google

Some of you will be knowing about Earth Hour. It's an initiative to spread the awareness of Global Warming among the masses. Well, Google has also jumped into this with its own initiative.

Sometime back, in January 2007, Mark Ontkush of ecoIron wrote (calculated!) about the energy that can be saved if Google converted its White background to a Black one. This got implemented by the Blackle site which offers a Google search in Black background. Google checked into this and had a detailed analysis and declared that "displaying black may actually increase energy usage". Anyway, now, for supporting the Earth Hour, Google Israel decided to go for a black background for at least one day. (Here's the page that tells about this. Wait, it's either Hebrew or Arabic)

I don't understand why they are doing this after declaring that black actually increase energy usage. Well, Michael Arrington also noticed this irony but didn't bring it up for the larger good. Anyway, Google Cares. That's it all about.

P.S - If my old friends Sreejith, George and Sivakumar are reading this, they will be remembering the presentation we did where we had a white Google page slowly morph into a Black one. I still remembering hearing a small gasp from the audience when they saw that!

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