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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Apple is Rotten

I am a fan of Apple. I love it. But still, sometimes I feel that it's a rotten apple.

I had the rotten kinda feeling from the day when I got an iPod. The dependency on iTunes made me irritated. It made me angry. But, I continue to be a loyal fan of iPod. I haven't even heard of Zune!

Again, the way Apple bundles its software raises a lot of concerns. Ed Bott from Zdnet shares his thoughts and problems (with screen shots wherever necessary) in his post, What Microsoft can teach Apple about software updates. It is a must read for any Apple user, be it be a Mac, an iPod, an iPhone; whatever.

So, what can an user do? Be always careful about the tick marks while installing Apple software. Don't just carelessly go on clicking the next button without reading what the window is displaying.

And if any privacy advocates are reading this, launch an agitation and file a lawsuit against the "Apple" (if you can find a loophole in the Terms and Conditions).

The other side of the horizon - The Golden Apple

New study points out that subconsciously seeing Apple logo will boost creativity. I don't know about the truth of this, but the study has been conducted by researchers at Duke University and University of Waterloo. Read in detail about this at WSJ biz-tech blog.

Maybe they should try this experiment on painters and research the kind of paintings the create!

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