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Monday, March 31, 2008

Race - A Mashup Movie

What do you think of a director duo who have churned out nothing but deception, crime and passion? From Khiladi in 1992 to Race in 2008 through Baazigar and Soldier, they haven't delivered anything else. So, I never expected anything else when I went for Race on last Friday.

After having a rendezvous with a kinda Ratatouille, it was around 10 pm when the film started rolling (After those stupid jewelery ads!!). I was prepared for the worst since I have been following Bollywood for a while and had met with some scary accidents (Think of LOC, Kisna and others!!). But to be frank, Race doesn't s*ck big time!

It has all the ingredients of an Abbas-Mustan film. If you haven't missed Humraaz, Aitraaz, Ajnabee, Naqaab......(the list goes on..) then you know what is in stock in Race. It doesn't mean that you can skip it. Race gives you a proper entertainment for 154 minutes with lots of glamour, twists and some jokes also...(Well, Anil Kapoor plays the joker again after Welcome)

I am not gonna tell you the entire stuff. If you still want to hear it, check out here. I will put it in a Twitter way - "Two half-brothers in South Africa,for each others insurance money, tries to kill each other with cop Anil Kapoor helping them." That's it. Again, if you wanna read a funny synopsis, check out here. (I wonder how this has not yet been observed by the Wikipedia administrators. It's a clear violation of Wikipedia policy).

I want to talk something more about the directors. Wikipedia says that they are always dressed in white! (Maybe it helps them to see the dark side of things more clearly! Or maybe, they will be chanting, "Daag Achche Hain"!). In Baazigar, the hero-villian King Khan starts his crimes in a F-1 track. Here, it shifted to horse racing. (If it was some other director, then I would have said that they were inspired by the Hitchcock classic, Marnie!!). Well, what else should I say? Yup, Abbas-Mustan are very talented to take a sample, mix it and cook it. But is it edible? Maybe they themselves should at least taste it before selling.

When I asked a friend about the film, his reply was short and crisp. "Except two scene, 'Run Sonia' by Saif and a Vijayakanth kinda driving by Saif, the rest of the movie doesn't make you feel bad. At least, when you start getting bored and try to predict the rest of the story, here comes a twist. It happens for around six times and by that time, the movie is over!"

Another of my friend made it much more simple. "When I saw Don (of course, Khan's Don), I thought that it was the King of Twists. Now, after watching Race, I think Don's twist is just a curve and Race is like a triple zig-zag curve!"

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