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Monday, March 17, 2008

26 ideas to drive your Creativity

Creativity. It's a term that spells magic. It's something that everyone has. And also, it's something that is really hard to be found!! (Am I contradicting? Think so!).

So, how to you increase your creativity? Or in better words, how can you find the latent creative genius that lies deep down in your head? How to find the initial spark which starts the fire of creativity?

Well, Hugh Macleod presents twenty-six tips (I prefer the term ideas) to lash out your creativity. Get it as a manifesto (well, in pdf format) from Change This. It's worth really the time and it has got a cartoon for each of the tip. What more you can ask for!

I particularly believe in the 26th point. "Think from your heart and the brain will take it up to higher echelons" - that's my belief.

(This is post is a part of a series of post that I about the various useful freebies available, mainly from the internet. Check out all my posts on Free! )

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