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Friday, February 1, 2008

Sueldo fever

It is a time dependent fever. Or maybe, date dependent. It starts by around noon on 30th or 31st of every month. (28th or 29th if it's Feb). It will give me a sleepless night on 30th (or 31st) .

Morning I get up and feel that a lump has started developing in my throat. When I drive to office, I feel it increasing in size. After my breakfast(which tastes like, you know what!), I sit down in front of my computer. I feel dizzy. I feel that I want to puke. I sweat like hell eventhough I am sitting in A/C which is set at 20 degrees. I feel that the lump has become big. I feel difficulty in breathing. I feel that I am going to die.

Well, these are the symptoms of Sueldo Fever, or in English, Salary Fever. It is very common among the young Indians, especially working in the IT industry. There is no specific remedy. It's natural. The lump goes as soon the payslip comes. Everything is back to normal within five minutes.

I believe most of you who read this have suffered or still suffers from this peculiar fever. Share your symptoms and remedies...

(This post came to me when I heard of TCS salary cuts. And by the way Sueldo means Salary in Spanish. I love J Lo!!. My another post on Indian IT companies can be found at The Future of Indian IT industry)

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