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Monday, February 18, 2008

Sites to browse in office without invoking the wrath of the boss!!

Today was a lazy day and I was taking a dip in the vast ocean called Internet. My favorite hang out spots in the net are - (Pls remember that I am in office and can't access any social networking and viral video sites)

Google - Well, this is a default entry. Search, news, weather, etc etc.

Wikipedia - Who wants Encyclopedia Brittanica these days. Even though some articles in Wikipedia are not so right, still it has an entry on everything in the world; almost.

Digg - It is the daddy of fun. You get to know all kinds of things going around. Be it really educational ones or 100% fun, everything is there in Digg.

- As I wrote in an early post, this will be the only game site which will not be blocked in your office. Enjoy the gamble game of stock trading with out shelling out a buck. And mind you, if you play well, you end up winning cash!

Twitter - This site might be blocked in some offices, but still, it is a concept that is catching up fast. A kind of instant messaging, but it's not just IM.

- For all things in the Web World, Techcrunch is the encyclopedia. Products, research, acquisitions...all the things at one place. Subscribe to the RSS feed and keep track of the Web.

Blogger - This should have been already mentioned. Want the world to hear (and sometimes respond) to your thoughts? Log on to blogger, select an interesting url and a template and start writing. Let the world hear your thoughts..

IBN Live - I don't go there for the serious news. If you want to know the things going around you, politics,economy and such stuff...go somewhere else(try BBC or NDTV). This is just for the fun lovers. From hi-fi gossips to lo-fi get everything here..

Economic times - For the news from the Indian Market, subscribe to their RSS. And if you wanna read todays ET or Times of India or Mumbai Mirror, you get it here for free!!(Not like The Hindu)

Gizmodo - This is specifically for the Gizmo guys. All kind of gadget freaks will find it interesting.

Silicon Alley Insider
- Similar to Techcruch, but sometimes I feel that SAI report it faster.

Wired - All news and gadget freaks will love this...

Snopes - Ever thought "what happened to the girl who had some dreadful disease and got money for operation from the 10 cents thay you gave by forwarding a mail!!"

These are the Urban Legends. There are lots of it circulating as chain mails. Try Snopes and you will be really find it interesting - they way people weave out stories!!

What else? Did I forget someting?

Ya, of course. For improving your health and wealth; for sharing your thoughts and views; for finding interesting things that you will not find anywhere else (Even if you find it somewhere else, why should you take all the pains and Google around?).

Just logon to bonchibuji and...well, enjoy...sunbscribe to my RSS and keep up to date...And don't forget to vote in the poll.

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