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Monday, February 25, 2008

Roudram - A Movie Review

The law in its majesty never takes vengeance; men do. He did!

This tag line strikes. I really appreciate the creator. But to the writer and director of the movie - isn't it too much?

An angry ACP who goes around cleansing up the world! With a Triple MA in English, Malayalam and Hindi, why did he take up the police job? Teaching would have been a great option!!

Roudram can be watched once. That’s all for a review if you don’t want to hear the spoilers...

/* Warning Spoilers begin here */

Narendran, the handsome and the beastly ACP joins back in Cochin. He is affectionately called "Nari" by all; even by his enemies. To support him, we have Rajan P Dev and Lalu Alex. Saikumar portrays as a playboy villain (Sidhique would have done better) with support from Vijayaraghavan. Vijayaraghavan deserves special mention. He looks and speaks like his legendary father, the king of Dramatics, N N Pillai. Then we have some Goan villains which brings out the sleeping love for Rashtrabasha in Mammooty. (Those who haven't seen (or cannot tolerate) Ambedkar should see this to see Mammooty quipping those punch dialogues in Hindi. Two unknown villainess add spice (One is the sister of the Goan bros).

The plot is simple. One of the confederates of Saikumar's empire turns against them and ends up being killed. The case is handed over to Nari by the Chief Minister (a dampner, played by Janardhanan). Nari starts interrogating people and the villain keeps on killing the people whom he interrogates. Finally, the one man murder turned out to be a 7(or 8) murder cases. Had the CM not given the case to Nari, 6 lives would have been saved!!

Nari cracks down the villains and the bad cops by his punch dialogues and power packed punches. And, in the end, everything turns out well. The villain is captured, and brought under the law. But as the tag line goes, Nari takes vengeance by crashing the villains’ legs!!

/* Spoilers end here */

As mentioned, Janardhanan plays the CM. He tries to mimic some gestures of Achuthanandhan, but the similarity ends there. In Roudram, CM is portrayed as a not-so-good guy and having connections with the underworld and gangs. But, in the end, by the power dialogues (that shows off the Double MA in English and Malayalam), CM is back on the right track.

Mammooty puts in a good performance. The dialogue delivery and body language is good. And, he has worked out a lot; can be touted as the 6 pack of Malluwood. (Don't be mistaken, he doesn't flaunt a 6 pack, but comparing with the other superstar who plays a Kumaran, Mammooty looks great!). And I forgot to mention, he plays a staunch Communist who follows the principles of Lenin et al.

I don't know the name of the female lead who plays Mammooty's wife (If anyone knows her name, pls add it in comments). Anyway, looks like an import from Telugu. Her role is very small (as usual in Mollywood). But she gives a good performance.

Others include Sphadikam George (as Kuruppetan) , Mala Aravindan (referred to as Nari's police father who was killed in a bomb blast), Urmila Unni etc. And guest appearances by Venu Nagavalli and the poet turned actor, Balachandran Chullikad. Since we have a horrible shortage for music directors and original tunes, Renji Paniker thought of no song sequences. Background music by Rajamani has a mix of "Jaya he" (our National Anthem) and Dhoom!!

Well, about Renji Paniker. Script is the same kind of stuff he wrote a thousand times. And the direction is reminiscent of Bharat Chandran. The intro, the fights etc is in the same way as Bharat Chandran. Another thing is that they have tried to cash on the love of the masses for our late CM, Nayanar. The close-ups of Nayanar, the scene when Nari mentions that he was in the personal bodyguard staff of Nayanar is a reflection of it. And in the scene where the bad CM Janardhanan is given a lecture, we have the close ups of Nayanar’s and EMS’s photos on the wall.

I would have liked to add a guest appearance for Suresh Gopi. In the scenes where Mammooty mouths the knowledge he gets from Intelligence Bureau, they could have added a role for Bharat Chandran who is on deputation in IB.

As I told already, Roudram is a movie which you can watch once and forget. Go to the theatre to get enthralled by the power dialogues!

My rating is 6.5/10.

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puli........ bondaaa its a great job!!!!

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