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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Google Adsense - A thought

This is a thought for all Google Adsense publishers. What do you think about Adsense Algorithm? How effective it has been for your business? How many times have you seen totally unrelated and sometimes stupid ads coming up in your site?

Sometime back, I wrote a post titled A Nightmare on the Dalal Street. It was about the fall of Indian Stock market and the terrible performance of Reliance Power IPO. The next day when I checked, I saw four (out of six ) ads about how to avoid a nightmare and get a good night sleep. One was about Google Adsense program and the last one was about some personal loans by ICICI bank. So, it is a 16.67% coverage area for a related ad and the rest goes for totally unrelated stuff. So, where is AI?

Well, George Gutowski has some interesting notions about an asymmetrical algorithm to replace the currently symmetrical (or maybe dull!) algorithm. Read about it in Is Google's Algorithm Okay? from Seeking Alpha.

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