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Friday, February 1, 2008

g OS - Will it be the Google OS?

These pics are samples from a mail that is forwarded these days among my friend circle. (I got it thrice!!) The subject line is "Google OS:coming soon.." and the content is just some screen-shots. We see almost all Google apps on the screen and if you are a Linux user, you can easily identify the cool desktop of Linux.

This is not a Google OS. It is gOS. Their punch-line is "gOS - A new operating system is born." Well, I disagree with that because it is not a new one, it's a modified. Anyway, all Linux distros are modified from previous ones which all trace back to the child of Linus Torwalds. But, gOS is based on Ubuntu 7.1 distro. It uses Enlightment window manager instead of the regular Gnome or KDE. That's why you get a stylish Mac kind of screen.

I started writing this because some of my friends mailed me to ask about the so called Google OS. That is when I have the site of gOS a visit.

It turned out to be a very small site(in terms of number of pages and features). It even doesn't have its own FAQ facility. Instead, they give a link to Anyway, they provide a torrent for downloading the OS. (At least now, torrent technology has been put to good use!!).

This page caught my attention[see below]. Just below this disclaimer "Google, the Google logos, are trademarks of Google Inc. gOS is not affiliated with Google or their partners," they have this -> "Search powered by Google". Didn't they do it on purpose to mislead people? And were the heck is the search?

Looks like they flaunt Google

One more thought. Since some one and a half years back, there has been lot of rumours and hype that Google will be soon bringing out its own OS. While Google never really admitted this, the general perception is that they can sponsor or come out with its own Linux distro. Now, since g OS (by the way, the company is called Good OS LLC, that's where the 'g' in OS comes from!!) has already brought out a Google-compatible (is it the right word??) version, I don't think there is any negatives to Google acquiring it. Anyway, Google has always been on an acquiring spree and I believe that is what a small time entrepreneur thinks as the best thing.


sreeju said...

This attempt is good Mr.Visakh It's capable to clear all doubts regarding ur mail.


THARA MANI said...

rinshi nee veendum prove cheythuuu

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