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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cyber Wars : Return of Gates (or) Fantastic 2: Rise of the MicrOO!

Bonchibuji said, "The dawn of the eigth year will see two evils joining hands. An axis of evil will be formed to fight against the mammoth monster". Well, it seems that the prophecy has come true. Or maybe in a few days.

Microsoft has bid for Yahoo. I had longback expected a bid for Yahoo, but from Google. But this was unexpected. And as to shatter my dreams, Microsoft has openly stated that if Google bids for Yahoo, it will lead to antitrust problems.

So what are we actually heading to? Two weeks back, Yahoo announced 1,200 job cuts. Now, Microsoft comes with an open bid. And Google has been warned by Big Brother not to bid. By getting access to Yahoo's customers, Microsoft's database will almost double its size. And with a superior search service, it can get more internet traffic. But, aren't Microsoft's and Yahoo's products and services(I am talking about net-based alone) overlapping?

Since Redmond is keen on this deal, they should have worked out some innovative ideas to deal with this problem. I can only speculate some.

First, all hotmail users should be given an option to migrate themselves to Yahoo Mail. Intially make it as an option and after some months, give a warning that the hotmail ids will be deleted. So, migrate all users by atleast an year. It will see the end of a prestigious product by an Indian, but no other go.

But, then what about Windows Live and other prestigious projects that Redmond announced?
Similarly, slowly redirect all searches to Yahoo. Scrap Microsoft search program. Let only the MSN survive.

Anyway, Google has to look around for a new partner. Maybe, they can localize themselves and start by acquiring India's own Rediff. Wait and watch. Anything can happen.

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