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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tata's journey from Truck to Nano - A Retrospective

Well, one more on Tata....

[Source : A forwarded mail. Thx for the creator and the owners of the pics. And thx Skanda for forwarding]

1954 - Tata launched its first Mercedes Benz diesel truck, Telco

1958 - India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, walks through the apprentice shop at Jamshedpur

1965 - The owner of the first Mercedes Benz diesel truck, Sardar Kartar singh is presented with the key of the 1,00,000th truck

1969 - Employees cheer as the first Tata branded truck rolls out, ending the collaboration with Daimler Benz, Germany

1977 - Tata manufactures its first commercial vehicle at its plant in Pune

1986 Tata launches its first light commercial vehicle from Telco, the Tata 407

1992 - Tata Estate, Telco's second passenger vehicle launched by JRD Tata and Ratan Tata

1994 - Tata Motors released its multi-utility car, Tata Sumo

1998 - Ratan Tata drives the first Tata Indica off the assembly line

1998 - Tata Motors produced an SUV, Tata Safari. It was the first SUV to be designed, developed and manufactured entirely in India

2002 - Tata introduced India's most competitive indigenous sedan,Indigo

2003 - Tata Engineering formally changes to Tata Motors

2004 - Tata Motors acquires Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company, South Korea

2004 - Tata Motors starts its globalisation drive and launches the Tata Indica in South Africa

2008 - Tata Motors launched the most-awaited car of the year,its one-lakh car, Nano

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