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Monday, January 7, 2008

Some Googlian Thoughts

People can be divided into two - those who use Google and those who don't. Our calendars should be revised and it should be Before Google(BG) and After Google(AG). Every year should start on September 7. Larry Page and Sergey Brin should be the President and Prime Minister (I prefer Indian way of governance). All people should convert to Googilism. All offerings should be done at Google Labs. Mountain View, California, will be the Mecca of Googlians.

I can hear you swearing and cursing Google for leading you to this page. Ok, I just want to share a small thought. A day in life without Google.

It means there is no more time spent checking the cute inbox and typing out replies. It means no more "curious mails" that will be marked as spam.

It means no Orkutting. No scraps, no posts.

It means no blogger!!

It means no more cute searches. Well, Yahoo and others are there, but still who can match the power and beauty of Google search engine.

It means no more RSS news feed for the day. I am news-starved!

It means no more widgets today to plan your time, to change wallpaper, to remind meetings.

It means no more Talk.

It means that you are deprived of the ultimate source of knowledge, Google Groups.

And there is a lot more that will be missing. Picasa, Docs, Translate and lot more.

Google leads our lives, it controls our life.


THARA MANI said...

kalakki rinshi
heard its the fastest growing co. n human history

soulwitness said...

The question is not what will happen if Google is not there , the question is what will happen tomorrow if Google is still there...

We can googlify our own souls :)
There is not Big Brother watching you... it just knows just like that...
There is no cameras on streets to monitor your movements... satellites track you all the same...
The scenario looks familiar?? :)
Think Again!

Bonchi Buji said...

thara mani >>

I am not rinshi now..i hav changed..
thx for the coment

i hav the same thoughts of plan was to write a post on the effects of being a big bro and all..anyway..since u hav said,i ll post it some other time..

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