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Monday, January 21, 2008 Day I

This post was guest blogged by Soham Das of Soulwitness

A Quick one: Where else in the world will you hear these words being spoken?

“Don’t satisfy but delight”

“Competition should be shit scared of you…”

“The first suited booted company guy is saw, I thought is from some water pump guy, turns out he was from PriceWaterHouseCooper”

“You thought, I made an excel sheet, planned my business pitched it and made my strategy? You got to be kidding. We were a group of 5 guys in T shirts and Bermudas”

No brownies for guessing, but you got it right. Its . Whaatttt??? You don’t know Proto, come on, you cant be serious. I mean you really don’t know Proto. Okay, (wink, wink, finally I get one up on you hehe) This is the third edition of Proto, and from the next edition is no longer will be in Chennai (*sob *sob) , a brainchild of a lone warrior Vijay Anand, this annual event grew from a “just-another-event” to the event for the entrepreneurs. Essentially this is the baap of all such events. Sponsored by Google, Yahoo and other gazillion dollar companies around the world, this event is wholly and solely for the people who have jump started, thinking to jump start and people who actually pay you to jump start (I mean the investors). And a foodie like me, it doesn’t matter if this event is held in another continent, the food of Asiana Hotel was just out of the heaven. In the hindsight, Asiana Hotels actually was in another continent, totally out of Chennai, connected by a road, which can be more called as “road to perdition” by the optimists. So yours truly went through three change of conveyance to reach the place(but you know the entire journey was worth it)

In a more serious tone, the entire morning was a series of ‘kickass’ talks… absolutely first grade. There were two tracks, BUSINESS and TECHNLOGY. The schedule started from 9 to 5.30 and being a guy on the spot, believe me, it was difficult actually making a decision to skip which and attend which one. If K.Unnikrishnan, Head of Sales and Marketing, Sun Microsystems talked about how Sun is actually helping startups to cut down their operational costs with fantastic help and support, then Vishal Gondal, CEO of talked about the most fantastic eleven years of his life. He actually told his parents that he is teaching his friends MS-DOS, but were playing games in the garage. Ahem Ahem..Vishal… But finally when they made a business out of making games, they hit the pay-dirt. A fantastic story told humorously just went out of the way to actually tell how a good idea executed exceptionally marketed perfectly(sample this, he actually sold his first idea to the Head of Pepsi India), can make millions for you.

The 10 thumb rules of entrepreneurship by Manjeet Dolly of DraperFisherJuvetson in the lines of his buddy Guy Kawasaki( opened the way VCs look at this entire game.

Overall, a fantastic event of day one, in was a fantastic session of brain whacking talks and mind boggling issues and questions. And all the credit goes to the speakers who came all the way from their day to day lives, goes to the organizers of, especially Vijay Anand, Siddhi and Labsji and the entire Proto clan…

Thanks fellas… and thanks OCC for giving me the thousand rupees worth entry pass for free. I love OCC :)

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