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Thursday, January 3, 2008

On a Sunday Afternoon

This is a story that I wrote during my 9th standard .i.e. in 2000. It was published in "The Hindu Young World" and the Chlidren's Digest. I don't have a copy of it now to reproduce it as it was written eight years back. So, I am writing it again now, in 2008.

The story was titled "On a Sunday Afternoon". It was based on a real incident that happened to me.

'It was a Sunday during February. The exams were fast approaching. The usual lazy Sunday afternoon's when I roamed around enjoying were all over. For the upcoming six weeks, I was bound to be a bookworm.

I was sitting in my room upstairs. The effect of the nice lunch with dal and sambhar started taking its toll on me. My bed lay in front of me as the first temptation. But, not being smitten by the devil, I was not lured into the poisonous venom that induces sleep. In order to take a break, I went to the window and gazed outside. The whole world outside seemed to be calm. The sun was shining brightly and the air was still. Not even a bird was seen in the sky. Half heartedly, I came back to my desk.

At that time, a small movement in the corner of the room caught my attention. (As it was exam time and I clean the room myself, there were lot of cobwebs since I hadn't cleaned after new year). At the corner, the cobweb was shaking. It was a butterfly! A really beautiful one with all those blessed colors of nature! Its tiny wings and antennae were stuck in the vicious web. It was flapping desperately to escape. But, the web was designed to trap such animals and it didn't yield.

I was wondering what to do. A butterfly in the cobweb. Its the most natural thing to happen. The spider makes to web to catch the prey. And it succeeded. If I interfere in this, I am intruding in to the private world of nature. The spider will lose its lunch and might die because of it. Should I deny spider its food and help the butterfly? I was confused.

Maybe, the beauty of the butterfly did not allow me to witness this massacre. ("Now I feel that it's a fact of life. We won't allow anything that is beautiful to be destroyed"). I took my broom from the corner and slowing removed the cobweb. The butterfly was freed!! It flew out of the window.

Now, I had to deal with the spider alone. I didn't have the heart to kill it. So, I took it in my broom and rehabilitated to the backside of my cupboard. Having done some exercise and a good deed, I was feeling happy in mind. I sat again with my books with a clear mind.

Maybe after ten minutes, there came the butterfly through the window. I came above my chair and circled over me. And suddenly it dashed at me and rubbed itself on my cheek and flew out! When I touched my cheek, I found pollen from the flowers outside!!

It was the butterfly's way to thank me. I didn't know how to react and my eyes became moist. The small creature has the heart to come back and tell thanks which some great people are hesitant to do.'

This was the story that I wrote some years back. I have re-written it. I am sure this was not the way I had written then. I was an amateur writer at that time. (Now also I am an amateur but alteast I have more experiences). So, if someone remembers having read this story anywhere, please mail me or comment about it.

There is a story of a friendship that started with this story. I will write about it in my next post.


soulwitness said...

Wow thats sweet :)

suzanech said...

a gr8 stry ..... touchd my heart agn as it did yrs back ....... gud wrk !

Sowmya said...

Hey. thats a beautiful narration ! Dont give up writing ...

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