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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Inoubliable. A bientot

"Inoubliable. A bientot"(Unforgettable. See you soon)

I don't think I will forget this comment. "If there is an heaven on earth, it's this, it's this, it's this" came to my mind when I read this. Maybe, Nicholas Sarkozy would have also thought the same when he wrote this in the visitor's book in Taj Mahal.

He would have felt really depressed when he sat on the Diana Bench all alone. Think of the situation when you are in front of the greatest monument of love while your soul-mate is far away across the oceans and the deserts and the mountains. If I were a poet, I would like to write a prose poem and dedicate to his love.

Anyway, Taj Mahal has won the heart of Sarkozy. Hope he will be back soon along with Bruni and a handful of agreements.

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